Nairobi combines cultural diversity, lifestyle and business in a very unique way. Its one of the forces to reckon within African cities when one speaks about world class Restaurants and Lounges. I would challenge a first world habitat to come and explore the level of our distinguished heritage, culinary uniqueness and of coz the unparalleled five star services these establishment offers.

Nairobi as a city offers two very gentle and extraordinary giants. Talk about Hotel Restaurants and independent Restaurants. The two offers that urban and trendy multitude of services and facilities. Nairobi is foodies fantasy destination where the atmosphere and surrounding are an acceptable part of culinary combo. These unique Kenya based restaurants with their unique ambiance inspired by elegance are among the giants of outstanding culinary offering in the world .Yes in the world.

Liberate your senses in the stylish and traditional yet modern designs within these luxury hideaways. I have traveled a few miles within my home country and experienced the art of fine dining hence my conclusion that whatever being offered out there in terms of gastronomical delight relates to what our Nairobi offers.

One case study am glad to share genuinely is of TAMBOURIN Rooftop Lounge and Bar! Its an Arabia spirit of Luxury dinning. The restaurant is by Kempinski Hotels a renowned European Luxury experience providers. As stated, its a rooftop located facility with ambient music, the legendary Middle Eastern delicacies. As if thats not enough the classic arabesque offers you an intriguing surprise and DJ fine mixes. The dazzling and iconic lunar decors gives you that magical experience of what Arabic dining is all about.

Tambourin Restaurant Chef Hany

All said and done,I would challenge not to only we locals but also foreigners to head to one of these Restaurants and experience Splash and panache.