You are not a celebrity, a potbellied politician or chef’s best friend. Why would you be given attention in these restaurants? Let me tell you from my perspective, VIP treatment is real and you are probably not getting it because you guys think that it costs a fortune. Be surprised to find out that the treatment labeled VIP has nothing to do with extravagant spending or ones title in the society. It’s all in the way you maneuver your way in and about in these establishments.

One General mistake we people make when we visit a restaurant is trying to show the whole world how knowledgeable and sophisticated we are and it becomes quite hectic when Rich people try to flaunt their expensive tastes hoping to drag attention of the whole establishment so that they get the best in service. Most of the time they end up getting poor or rather substandard treatment since the waiters don’t give a damn. By the way waiters are a bunch of clever minds that if you can’t find their niche then you are doomed!!

Look, the basics of being offered good service in a Restaurant comes in a very simple way…be polite, be respectful, be friendly period! However there are some simply yet practical ways to get treated well that aren’t so obvious but can surely make a huge difference in dining experience.

Here are some of the assorted reasons to help you get a VIP Treatment.


How the hell would a grown up turn up for dinner in flip flops or a Pajama? Get your act together and dress to impress for the occasion. It’s not a bathroom….it’s a Restaurant.Most of Nairobi city Restaurants however have no strict adherence to dressing code unless it’s a special Occasion which you should know better in advance. You should therefore style up, wear smart casual that is neat, pressed and comfortable or even a suit. Look presentable to be taken seriously.


Reservations help an establishment to anticipate the night’s business. It’s very important as it will show and proof you were at the restaurant. Besides, your information is as well stored at the reservations portal to help them know your preferences. One reason we tend not to be awarded a VIP Treatment experience at a restaurant is being an absentee after making a reservation and that usually ends up being a pain in the ass to a staff trying to plan things around. At least if you happen to have an emergency and can’t make it then it’s recommended you do a cancelation 30 minutes before time. This will surely help in taking in any other walk in that might not have gotten a table. Failure to adhere to such simple rules will always put you in a blacklist category that later jeopardizes your chances of an ultimate dining experience. Been once sidelined i know the feeling.


You must make several trips to an establishment for them to be familiar with your face.This actually helps in noting down your preferences.It also gives you an upper hand of knowing the Manager and his staffs which will help you in the long run of getting a preferential treatment. Personally i think serving a frequent dinner is more fun than a new one however the new ones are more likely to become frequenters if served right.


One of the best ways of having a first glove service in any establishment is by understanding how all the operations work. It’s not your duty of coz but having a technical know-how that for you to be served right all the chains of operations have to work seamlessly, starting from the Chef maître d (Restaurant Manager) down to the waiter. I can’t stand those People who are ever Loud and obnoxious who can’t be gentlemen enough and be patient. Waiters will ever be there to serve you food nothing much, taking your cool and not talking much always drives them closer to you! And for your information the staff at the restaurants are well trained and knows what good service entails so you trying to be above par will not only make you look like an asshole but might cost you that very VIP service. After all who will want to remember a patron who is ever nagging?


I have worked over a decade in the hospitality industry and believe you me being called by your name by a client is one of the proud moments. It shows you guys had a deep connection than the usual. It would surely do good avoiding condescending names like Hey Miss, Boss, Boy ,sweetie,’ kijana Yangu’ etc. This is disrespectful, restaurant staffs deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect. So next time you pop into a restaurant to have dinner kindly don’t just assume the staff, get to know these happy people more so the Restaurant manager. State to the Manager categorically how you had a great time being served by Chantal and along the conversation make sure you ask for his or her card. This will up your chances when making a second reservation as you will bypass the usual reservation routine and contact him directly. Upon arrival expect to be showered with great service since you will be in the contact system as a special Guest.


Asking relevant questions in a Restaurant is really a good gesture, not only to you the dinner but also the person serving you. These people work here each day and you will be surprised how perfect their opinion about food changes the entire dining experience. Furthermore putting your server into a position of power by asking them about today’s signature dish not only makes them feel proud but also makes them feel like experts in this Game. If you decide to ask questions, please don’t ask what is good…I repeat don’t ask at the restaurant what is good, rather ask them what would they would recommend, and state to them specific information about your taste with which they would gladly direct. Asking the waiter what is good at the restaurant for your information would insult the Chef and the waiters would label you a traitor who’s so into himself hence costing you a slot to a VIP treatment.


Make a strong impression by bringing a gift to a restaurant staff more so if you are into the business of producing them yourself. Drop a waiter that sweatshirt you normally design, drop a neck-less, a bag and so on and forth. But be warned that this only happens if you are a regular and well known at this Restaurant. Don’t be mistaken as if you are drumming up your sales brother you know what i mean? Anyway i recently read that Tip is forbidden in Japan woiii!! Not in Nairobi you stingy fellow! This is the perfect time of showing your true colors’ in regards to appreciating whatever services rendered to you. Normally it’s not mandatory tipping a restaurant staff but for you to score points of getting that VIP treatment when you will be back is right now. 20% of your total bill is the standard range but only if the services provided can be deemed impeccable. 15% if you felt that the waiter had a bit of attitude and that your food took 30 minutes to come which by the way that isn’t a waiters fault. Go ask the Chef! All said and done my perception of tipping generally is to show that you pay attention to whatever the

Restaurant staff does and that you respect the name of the Game.