We received email to the editor

Hello Boss.

Thank you for the work you are doing highlighting the plight of engineering graduates ,which you have featured on several occasions on your popular blog, www.kenyan-herald.com. I'm writing regarding the engineers board of Kenya ,EBK, failure to acknowledge my status as a graduate engineer, and unemployment generally in Kenya. I applied for the same last year and to-date no word is forthcoming from the board. What that translates is missed opportunity for those actively searching for jobs. I have on several occasions failed to secure internships since the HR dept. demanded that the successful applicant had to be registered with the board. I protested once during an interview session after one of the panelists demanded to see my registration certificate. I produced the EBK acknowledgment slip ,and they could have none of It. In my defense I argued that board had failed to furnish the same to me although I heard followed the laid out procedure as spelt out on their website(see www.ebk.or.ke/registration/graduate engineer). To date months after they had acknowledged they had received my application fee (and documents) they are yet to reply. I gather they are yet to constitute a board -something that is vested on the CS -Infrastructure & transport,as explicitly stated on the engineers act of 2011. The board is yet to issue any statement regarding the same. The mandate of the previous board ended on March 2019. 

Another issue regarding our woes as graduates is the incessant demand by job recruiters. For instance, most job requirements dictate that the applicant has to seek clearance from EACC,CID,HELB,CRB,and other certificates that are honestly unnecessary. To secure these documents requires money. Oftentimes we don't have money for the same. For instance CRB certificate requires for no less than sh 2000,while police clearance requires sh 1000. Sometimes FMCGS(fast moving consumer goods) companies require interns to have health certificates which are also not free.Also nowadays, recruiters demand applicants to have a working insurance package. And even with a collection of documents there's no guarantee of employment let alone securing (un)paid internships. HR recruiters ,a good number of them are very callous and will often demand other things that are just preposterous. For instance one of them asked me how many years I had served in a similar role yet I had just cleared campus a few months back. The position I had applied for had called for fresh graduates to apply and that the job would be 'an entry level position to work under a more senior officer'. Long story short I never got the opportunity.Some of us really struggled way back in campus securing attachment opportunities and had to do with what came by. It therefore behooves on universities to ensure students secure RELEVANT ATTACHMENT opportunities, since students pay for the same and Its really demoralizing how folks are often quick to disparage students yet they have failed to facilitate the same. The same could also be said of professional bodies which only collect fees annually so as to retain graduates at the registry ,surcharge graduates who are desperate to abridge their professional status under the guise of PDUs which can cost an arm and a leg. 

Lastly ,just recently graduates were denied census jobs. While I do agree that nobody is entitled to anything in this country, in my view there was no substantial reason to deny us jobs. I for instance applied for the post of enumerator and I was not even shortlisted for the same.Mind you ,I had met all the requirements that KNBS demanded. For instance for the aforementioned post, they required the applicant to be at least a holder of a KCSE certificate, be a resident of a given area and also a Kenyan. I attached my legitimately earned documents and accompanied the same with an application letter addressed to the CSO(county statistics officer). I was not even shortlisted although I was a very early applicant for the same. I applied just a few days after the applications began and was even issued a 'serial number'. While I do agree that I may not have been the best candidate for the job, I highly suspect foul play and would beseech the relevant authorities to follow up on the same. 


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