Today allegations have been flying high with regards to a road that passes in front of a high end hotel in Milimani, Nairobi.

Fairview Hotel, located along Second Ngong Avenue is on the spot for allegedly grabbing of public road and blocking members of the public from using it.

The hotel management has barricaded the road which is under the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), and has placed guards who harass drivers trying to use the road.

The road in question is located between Ngong Road and Bishop Road and is under Kenya Urban Roads Authority.

The erecting of barriers on a public road has annoyed many Kenyans who have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction and anger with the blatant impunity being displayed by this Hotel.

Kenyans have further questioned the hotel for what they term as unfair working conditions. The hotel allegedly has fired over 20 employees in the last 3 months and this has left the hotel with a dire employee situation with current staff complaining of being understaffed.

The hotel is owned by a South African company, City hotels limited.