Sharon Otieno’s mother, Melida Auma Otieno, has called for Migori Governor, Okoth Obado to be investigated over the death of her daughter.

Ms Otieno claims that she was aware that her daughter was in a relationship with Governor Obado who had promised her tender deals from the county government.

“He lied to my daughter that he would award her business tenders in the county. My daughter even registered a company believing Obado would give her the business deal,” said Auma Otieno.

The bereaved mother claims that Sharon’s pregnancy was known to the governor and he was aware of her clinic visits, even though she does not understand what intentions the Governor had with her daughter.

On Monday, Ms Otieno says she talked to the deceased inquiring about her whereabouts at around 7 pm. Sharon said she was still waiting to meet with Obado’s PA. But at around 8 pm, the mother of four recounts, her phone was switched off.

She also maintains that all the evidence is in Sharon’s phone which is currently with the Migori County Commander, Joseph Nthenge.

Sharon Otieno, 26, was 7 months pregnant at the time of her death.

She was found dead in K’Odera Forest, Homa Bay County, two days after being kidnapped alongside Nation journalist, Barrack Oduor.

Both Sharon and Barrack were allegedly abducted by the Governor’s personal assistant, Michael Oyamo.

Michael Oyamo has been described as one who uses extreme thuggery and bravado to tame anyone who would dare criticize Governor Obado.

He was arrested yesterday in connection to the kidnap and murder.

Kahawa Tungu