It has now emerged that Hopex Cargo, a shipping company which has its headquarters in Alpha Centre, Nairobi is colluding with Africa Flight Serves(AFS) to extort funds from business people. A business individual on Thursday narrated his ordeal with the two companies which have now left him confused on what to do next. 

According to him, they shipped goods on 8th May last year from Guangzhou by air cargo using Hopex company. The shipping fee was 8.5 USD and goods were to be delivered to them on 17th same month. Unexpectedly, a month later the said shipping company informed them they had struck a deal with famous Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA). 

However, the innocent businessmen were forced to pay 12 USD unlike the earlier agreement Hopex citing that they had undervalued the 8.5 USD fee by mistake. Desperate individuals claimed they paid the amount as requested depositing the money to National Bank A/C No. 01039112308800 Jomo Kenyatta International Airport(JKIA) branch. 

According to them, the account belonged to Bex Logistics who acts as clearing agents for Hopex Cargo company.

"Ever since they have been dilly-dallying, all while the warehouse charges continue to skyrocket now standing at 5 million shillings which they insist we must offset. The said warehouse belongs to AFS (Africa Flight Services). We have reason to believe the delay was by design to ramp up the storage charges. The clearing agent keeps suggesting we should be patient as the warehouse belongs to a Jubilee party financier. Most us of our businesses have ground to a halt causing distress. They have our money and our goods for 9 months now." they noted adding that, 

"Hopex has left us at the mercy of the clearing agent as much as it was their mistake that led to the delay in the first place. The clearing agent has since refused to account for the money sent for clearing which was more than enough. In fact , we expect refunds to that effect."

The two companies, however, are yet to reach for a comment