We received another mail from you!

Here is a story worth highlighting..I worked tirelessly to deliver a complete government project and handed over a complete NYS Camp in 2013..Never been paid my final account since then despite the president ordering that we be paid on Madaraka day.

There’s this money they retain after every paid up voucher called “Retention Money”.Its supposed to be paid to a contractor after Public Works has drawn a final account..Meaning you have met all conditions of contract satisfactorily..Can you imagine the civil servants at NYS withdrew the money and ate it long time ago..They are now using all manner of excuses to take me round withholding my vouchers so that I don’t discover that the retention money has disappeared from the system..What do I do?Pls help.The PS in charge is a Mr Otieno and the DG NYS is called Madam Matilda Sakwa..The CFO NYS is a Mr Orina while the Chief Accountant in the ministry is Florence

NYS please pay up. Why take the Kenyan youth round and round condemning him to poverty instead of paying him? This is the problem in this country. Those in power always frustrating those who are poor and have nothing to offer. Shame on you Mr Orina and Matilda.

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