Governor Alfred Mutua has directed his deputy, Francis Maliti not to honor summons by an ad hoc committee constituted by the county assembly to investigate allegations of incompetence advanced as grounds of impeaching him as Finance executive.

Dr Mutua, who has defended Maliti of any wrong doing, also faulted the five-member committee picked last week to probe his deputy, terming the process illegal and unprocedural.

At a press conference held outside his office yesterday, a tough-talking Mutua said he had written to the Auditor General inviting him to institute a special audit on what he termed as ‘serious financial improprieties’ in the assembly.

Last week, Matungulu East MCA, Cosmus Masesi successfully tabled a Motion in the county assembly which led to the removal of Maliti as the Finance CEC in a sitting which was boycotted by 26 MCAs opposed to the move.

The grounds advanced for his removal included alleged incompetence and failure to release funds allocated for various development expenditure.

But Mutua swiftly dismissed the purported impeachment, terming it as desperate blackmail by a clique of corrupt and selfish MCAs.

According to Mutua, Maliti wrote to the county assembly on November 2nd 2018 asking them to provide proper financial statements and expenditure and other relevant documents, which they declined.

“With the knowledge that their books may be cooked, a section of the county assembly moved a notice of Motion on November 6th 2018 to impeach Eng Maliti of his responsibility in Finance,” Dr Mutua said.

The governor said he believed the decision by a section of MCAs to impeach the Finance executive was motivated by few individuals who have been beneficiaries of illegal and corrupt activities and who are afraid of accountability.

“Why is the County Assembly Speaker and the leadership afraid of releasing their documents? I truly believe that majority of members are not even aware that they are being used to cover up corrupt activities and will probably go down with the corrupt leaders,” he said.

He said he had officially invited the auditor general to probe the assembly. “I have written to the auditor general to send a team to the county assembly for a special financial audit focusing on specific areas of concern and individuals. After this report, I will study it and take proper action including forwarding it to the EACC and DCI to take appropriate action,” he said.

Mutua said he was still open to talks with MCAs despite the simmering wrangles. “I am ready for talks with them anytime they want. I have even invited them on several occasions to my office to discuss development projects but some have been afraid of being punished by their bosses for working with me,” said the governor.

Here is a letter that the Deputy Governor who is also the CEC for Finance had written to the county assembly asking for specific financial statements that have not been availed