Exiled lawyer and activists Miguna Miguna has explained his thoughts on how the government might be pushing for Dp William Ruto's resignment. Through a Facebook post on Saturday, the embattled veteran politician noted that former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa could not have got his way to trade firearms without government approval. 

According to vibrant Miguna Miguna, history may come back. He recalled what happened to Jaramongi Oginga Odinga in 1966 forcing him to resign. He claimed that Jomo Kenyatta engineered his demotion where before that a cache of arms was found at his offices and that of Lumumba institute. 

"Shortly thereafter - and with Jaramogi's strategic and fund-raising guru, Pio Pinto Gama, already assassinated - Jaramogi was pushed to a corner, forced to resign as VP for Kenya and for KANU, formed KPU, all his associates were rounded up and detained. Can't everyone see DEJAVU?" Miguna Miguna noted in part of his post 

For him, President Uhuru Kenyatta his cooking some evidence. Echesa was arrested after trying to con foreigners billions of money using firearms tender. The reports had it that he was using Dp Ruto's office to negotiate the deal. 

"Those with historical knowledge, crystal clear memories and commitment to the truth know that Despot Uhuru Kenyatta is cooking up evidence, rounding up Ruto's allies and concocting a frenzied hate-filled environment that would allow him to execute his constitutional coup. Those with eyes can see. Those with ears can hear." he added