Letter to the Editor

We have received a letter from tenants occupying a building in Embakasi managed by John Karanu of John Commercial Agencies. As a standard procedure we will post here under the raw contents of the letter. Our message to the Landlord is at the end

Dear Editor

Embakassi PIPLENE opposite Kenya builders.. 3 metres from fellowship church. We are SHOCKED to receive a letter from landlord that rent to increase from March with no reason the building is still under construction and yet to reach 6th floor from 4th floor uncomplicated.. No care taker, water is once a week sometime in week time. The rooms not connected with pipes to supply water 💦.. The time for water u go to first floor with a long line of residence. Sometimes toilets blocked luck enough water.. Please help us mutai.. This platform for this idiot increasing rent and the Place is dirty. Please Abraham

Yours truly

Dear John Karanu (Your phone number is 0721942367)

Kindly take note of these issues we at Kenyan Herald are raising here under. We will follow each to the letter.

From the letter above it is evident that these tenants need real help. Apparently as per your notice you increased rent from ksh5000 to Ksh6100 without explaining the reason for increasing your rent. This is against the contract you have with the tenants and it can be challenged before the court. We are even wondering if your company/agency is operating legally. If we seek your company documents from Sheria House, have you been filing taxes? Is your company or agency properly registered? Why increase Rent without giving reasons? What will the NCA and Nairobi County say about you having tenants in a house that is still under construction? This is a health hazard and is UNACCEPTABLE. Be notified we coming for pictures and we will be sending them to National Construction Authority and Nairobi County Government.