Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has announced his intention to sue telecommunication companies over data bundles expiry date.

According to him, customers should be free to use the bundles that they have purchased until completion.

Terming the business approach as ‘economic servitude to customers’, Kabogo revealed that he had contracted a number of lawyers to draft a plan.

Kabogo mentioned: “You cannot sell me sugar and then attach a condition that if I will not have consumed it within a specified time frame then you will come to repossess it…What you buy must belong to you.”

Th former county boss further noted that telcos are treating “data bundles like a pregnancy” that once one carries it to term, they have no choice but to give birth.

According to him, data bundles should not have an expiry date and if they must have, then they should be renewable.

“We are not saying that we be compensated for data not used within specified time frames. If it is for their logistical convenience that there must be an expiry date, then all unconsumed data as long it was initially paid for should be renewed and not expire,” he asserted.

For a while now, some telcos have, ridden on the expiry bundles feature without allowing their customers to renew them once they expired.

In the recent past, Safaricom introduced structures that allows its customers to renew unconsumed data through the purchase of another internet bundle plan.

This structure, according to Kabogo is malicious, as it compels the user to incur another bill in order to continue using an already purchased data.

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