Kenya Meat Commission worker has raised concerns over what he termed as failed payment and a poor housing condition. A worker who demanded animosity told on Thursday that about thirty of them were transferred from Mombasa on May 2019 to Athi River in Machakos County. 

According to him, Human resource manager Albert Nyauntu had informed the workers that if he/she is transferred to a new working location, the staff shall be paid transfer allowance of two months basic salary plus full salary for that month. This was meant to help the staff settle down. 

"That was not the case to some of us. We were paid half the allowance which amounts to Ksh 11, 000. This could not enable us to move household and family to Athi River." he said 

Furthermore, he said the company houses were in bad condition with no electricity and windows. Surprisingly, the company told them to repair using their money.

 "We left our families hoping we could be paid the balance and move them here. So the far the responds we get is there is no money while managers shall be travelling to Naivasha for a week which will consume Kshs 1.1 million Our families are being destroyed and no one is willing to listen to us," he added