Dear Editor at Kenyan Herald

I have had some ups and downs with Zuku. This is the story. I met some random chick who was introduced to me by a mutual chick who works with Wananchi Communications (Zuku) who impressed upon me the need for having home internet. Because I work with TZ NGO without any physical office in Kenya, I was moved into paying for the Kshs 2499.00 per month internet package. She then proceeded to open an account for me which was 844252. I asked her if where I stay (Umoja III) is networked and she told me yes. Their technical team were to come to my house the following day to do the connections. However, for reasons not known to me, they never showed up on that day 8/1/2019. They instead showed up on 9/1/2019 and told me my house is far off the grid so there was no way they could connect me. They promised to tell their team leader who came by on 10/1/2019 and told me to ask for refund because my house "was very far from their line". I'm not so sure why he was so into asking for refund. I immediately called that agent and told her what transpired and she told me that she was going to follow up my refund which according to her would be due in two weeks (20/1/2019). On second thought I put that issue on my twitter handle and a friend of mine advised me to reach out for a certain David whom he gave me his number (Zuku employee) who was to help me. I got into contact with this David on WhatsApp who promised that I'd have my money back last Monday. Since this did not happen, whenever I try to call him, he never picks my phone calls neither does he respond to my messages. Yesterday, I went to Zuku office along Mombasa Road and the receptionist feigned the knowledge of my predicaments. I have all the MPESA transactions, and the messages I have been exchanging with them. All I'm trying to do is try to expose ZUKU employees who try to prey on faint hearted Kenyans they are certain would not follow up on their refunds so that they share the spoils. Secondly, I don't understand why they should retain somebody's money for a month, like in my case, when they have offered them no service. Kindly help me raise this issue so that many unsuspecting Kenyans do not fall prey to their conniving ways. I don't care if they finally decide not to refund my money. 

Yours truly, 

Fred Olongo.

UPDATE: 4th February 2019

Fred Olongo was refunded his money by Zuku Kenya. Thank you