Hello Mutai?

Am Dan kutoka Kirinyaga, I have an issue with Pettans Driving School, Embu branch. Nilifanya Driving course in 2017 nikafanya exam October same year, hadi leo sijapata DL, interim imekua expired. Nimemiss opportunities mbili za job ju sina DL. So last week nilienda kwa ofisi huko Embu, the guy who was in office aliniambia DL yangu iko kwa NTSA niendee. Yesterday nikaenda offices za NTSA huko Embu, they told me DL yangu iko kwa system ya shule and it is up to the school to follow up and push for the DL to be processed, nikarudi ofisi kwa Pettans and the same guy in the office akaniambia niendelee kungojea.. It's like hao watu kuna kitu hawataki kusema, since 2017,na kabla nijoin hio shule walikua wameniambia DL itatoka 2 weeks after kufanya exam.

My number is +254 716 704974.

Editor: We are contacting Pettans for a reply. There are so many complains online about Pettans Driving School overstaying with people's driving licences. This is extremely unacceptable and they must be called out to live upto their standards they have set for themselves. They promise 2weeks, they must deliver in those 2weeks. Shame on you Pettans Driving School.