By John Muasya

Herald Reporter, Machakos.

A section of ward representatives have accused county assembly Speaker Florence Mwangangi of a plot to make Machakos County ungovernable through a sustained campaign to fuel endless wrangles between executive and the assembly.

The county lawmakers, drawn from various political parties including Maendeleo Chap Chap, Jubilee, Wiper, Ford Kenya, DP as well as independent have now warned Ms Mwangangi to stop the political machinations in the assembly or else risk impeachment.

Mua MCA Francis Ngunga who is leading the caucus of ward representatives opposed to Ms Mwangangi’s style of running affairs of the county assembly has described her as the key obstacle to development and good governance in Machakos County.

“She is the only county assembly Speaker in Kenya who actively participates in debates and demonstrates outright bias motivated by sinister political motives as she undertakes her duties,” Ngunga said at a press conference in a Machakos hotel.

Her conduct, Ngunga warned could soon force the assembly to remove her from office through an impeachment Motion. “We will soon unmask her evil agenda against the county residents and also name the people we know have been facilitating her to frustrate development in the county by exploiting the seasonal advantage of numbers in the assembly,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Kangundo West MCA, Titus Kaloki who accused her of deliberately and maliciously misleading a section of MCAs to shoot down Bills and other proposals by the executive aimed at offering essential services to residents.

“She personally endorsed the move by some MCAs to write to the controller of budget urging her not to release cash meant for development but continue remitting monies for their salaries and allowances. We know her actions are motivated by politics and political figures who thrive in politics of poverty,” said Kaloki.

Kaloki said it was unfortunate the Speaker had been banking on the false hopes that governor Mutua stood to lose his seat in the anticipated verdict of the Supreme Court ruling where the governor lodged an appeal challenging nullification of his election by the appellate court.

“We her telling her to stop day dreaming. We know there is a pending case in the Supreme Court and we are prepared for whatever verdict it shall deliver. Even if we were to go for a by-election, residents who overwhelmingly voted for Dr Mutua will still do the same,” he said.

On his part Governor Mutua has declared no amount of political setbacks will stop his government from delivering services to the residents of Machakos. “We will not be cowed by those who have been working to pull us behind. My government shall continue to offer services to wananchi whether a few misguided people like it or not,” said Dr Mutua

The governor said it was unfortunate that a section of MCAs had been seeking to allocate themselves hefty allowances and millions of shillings for hospitality and foreign travel at the expense of service delivery to the people.