In a statement on Tuesday, about changes in the county, he expressed his annoyance and frustrations with the leaders of different ministries and their service towards the public despite institutionalizing structures that manage their department, motivate staff and take disciplinary measures against errant and non performing workers.

He stated that public servants spreading hatred and delaying service for the public are betraying and undermining the government they work for.

 “I am puzzled by a culture of people who spend time back biting, pulling others down and spreading unfounded malice against each other,” lamented Dr Mutua.

Dr Mutua has emphasized that all Machakos public servants must embody the spirit of the Maendeleo Chap Chap slogan as well as going out of their way to ensure that Machakos progresses towards a first world economy.

“I can only work with creative, innovative, critical thinking and international standard minds,” reiterated Mutua.

Dr Mutua has promised to weed out anyone using public service for corrupt and personal gain while the public continue to suffer.

He reminded Africans that the only barrier preventing them from progressing towards first world is a bad mentality.

The statement: