A video has emerged of the so called Soft Porn Star Musician Willy Paul in which he is seen openly bragging about how much 'money' he has in what seems to be like a badly stage managed look-cool kind of a video. And people are not amused.

The video adds more controversy to his seemingly dwindling Gospel Music career which he had started as a devout Christian. More and more of his fans who were mostly Christians have recently gone hard on him by questioning his secular tendencies. Many have called him out for trying to secularize his gospel music. Willy Paul, though, has dismissed his critics saying he has every right to do gospel music the best way he sees it fit.

In the video, Willy Paul poses stunts mostly seen in secular American music. These stunts are popular with the likes of Akon, Rick Ross and 50 Cent. Though this stunt is badly done. One can clearly make out from the video that Willy Paul is trying to pose as a rich and blessed Musician and yet what he has on the table looks like Ksh1000 notes mostly bundled in ksh100k bundles. From the video this amount might not even go beyond Ksh1million or even two. You also count the bundles yourself.

Kenyan banks normally bundle together one-thousand notes in bundles of ksh100,000. It is a standard procedure across many banks in Kenya.

Recently Blogger Abraham Mutai popularly known as Lord Mutai on twitter launched a campaign #PastorPreneurs that has now gone viral and sent many prosperity Pastors in Nairobi to the drawing board. In the campaign Abraham Mutai calls off these pastors for what seems to be living in opulence while most of their congregants are suffering and poor.

Mutai hit out at Willy Paul calling him a Soft Porn Star auctioning soft pornography to christian youth in search of profits and making money all the while disregarding traditional christian values. Willy Paul has posed in pictures with secular women musicians in a very compromising stunts and sometimes half-naked women. Just like everyone else, Willy Paul knows that flesh sells to thirsty sexually starved Christian Youth.

You can watch the video here

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