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This case belongs to my brother. 

My brother is registered with NHIF for about 2 years without beneficiaries. He got married last year Dec and decided to introduce his wife. They filled the form at Embakasi (I don't where the office is). On checking around April, they were told everything is OK. However, when my brother checked on this month, he found out that his cover had another woman and some children as beneficiaries. His attempt to remove them and introduce the wife has been futile, Embakasi, GPO, and City Square all claim that they do not have the power to remove beneficiaries. More so, he can write an affidavit that will remove the woman but children will be removed one by one, whenever he introduces his. Yesterday, the manager claimed that the removal process is long and will take time!

This person can be reached on Waaweru Maingi email wawerumaingi@gmail.com

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