On Tuesday 13th November 2018, the county government of Nandi produced a list of shortlisted candidates who applied for the various positions in the county public service. To the shock of many in Nandi and across the country the list contained so many female candidates that most Nandi residents went ballistic on social media questioning how and why.

"99% of those shortlisted are female candidates despite having male candidates who applied.The residents are blaming governor Sang’s administration for pinning down the aspirations and dreams of the ‘boy child’" Says Dario Chie a digital strategist at Kitwek Spotlight

Nandi County Governor has been on the receiving end lately for what is perceived to be 'letting down the youth' in the county. He has been widely accused on social media of being close to ladies and neglecting the 'boy child' especially after a debacle where he had wrongly sent a romantic message to a whatsapp group. The list with 99% Women has shocked the county with most residents reading something sinister in how the list was compiled.

Some residents are now calling for fresh shortlisting.