Jacque maribe has been arrested and will be in custody till Monday of 1st October when she will be taken to court. She is being held at the Gigiri Police station. This is what we know so far:

Jacque Maribe’s phone was located on that night at the murder scene. She was supposedly in that house. This complicates every hope her sympathizers had as far as branding her innocent goes.

1. Live bullet -A used live bullet was found in her house which made detectives look for the gun.

2. Gun- the gun used to shoot Jowie was also recovered.

The owner of the gun has since been arrested.The detectives arrested Brian Kasaine, a man believed to be the owner of a gun found in Irungu's possession. The gun was found inside Jacque Maribe's bed.

3. The money stolen at Monica apartment was found in Jacque maribe house.

The money is in US dollars and it amounts to about ksh.6 million.

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4.Hair, clothes and wigs found in Jacque Maribe's car are also a matter of interest.

5. Burnt clothes have been found at the back of a house in Langata, a house belonging to the owner of the gun used to shoot Jowi, Maribe's fiance'

6.A missing new dress which Monica kimani was to wear is believed to be among those burned.

7. Detectives also believe some of the clothes of Jowi are among those burnt. Samples have been taken for further forensic analysis

A detective who knows the case well believes that Maribe must have been involved.

Hold your breathe before you say \'I stand with Maribe\'. You might be standing with a murderer.