Directorate of Criminal Investigations officers have launched investigations into possible sabotage and cutting down of an elevated water tank in Katangi town, Yatta constituency in Machakos County.

The new 50,000 litres tank has just been raised by a contractor as part of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s household water project and was being fed by a borehole sink by the county Government.

The investigators led by Yatta DCIO Wanga Masake studied sections with visible tampered bolts and what looked like a clean cut with a saw.

“This is despicable, an act of cowardice by people who are getting desperate,” an agitated Governor Mutua said. “Every single day we are waking up to reports of sabotage of our water and other development projects. The sabotage has increased in the last two months after we revived SEBEC.”

According to reported cases, Machakos County Government has had 82 solar panels destroyed, 10 plastic tanks destroyed and 2.4 kms of water pipes vandalized by being removed or punctured.

Yatta DCIO Mr. Masake said the police were also investigating attempted sabotage of the 100 million litres dam project at Nthungululu, Yatta, that had recently been commissioned by Governor Mutua. Some people had attempted destruction of some of the project’s facilities.

Machakos County Government, according to its Water Chief Officer Jackson Muthini, has already equipped 407 of its new boreholes with solar panels for powering. The county government has also dug 228 dams and 176 weirs. The county government has also embarked on elevating 50 huge water tanks to supply piped water to in towns and homes using gravity.

“It is heartbreaking. We work so hard and then some people destroy what we have done which in turn makes our people suffer,” said Mr. Muthini. 

“I want to assure the people of Katangi that we will reinstall the Katangi tank and ensure all those involved in this crime are dealt with by the law,” said Machakos Deputy Governor Eng. Francis Maliti when he visited the site of the collapsed tank.

Governor Mutua read politics in this recent act of sabotage.

“I do not understand the mentality of some people “Dr. Mutua said. “We are spending money to provide water by digging dams and boreholes and some people are destroying them. Some people really hate development. I urge the police to arrest and bring to book all concerned.”

Governor Mutua said since he united with the other Ukambani governors Kivutha Kibwana of Makueni and Charity Ngilu of Kitui to improve the welfare of the people of the three counties, he has seen heightened destructive politics of insults and now sabotage.

The police have asked Wananchi to share any information they might have concerning sabotage of Machakos County projects.