By Kahawa Tungu

Also on Pettans Driving School here is a serious matter about this phony school that you need to avoid. Dont forget to read current article: Letter to the editor: Pettans Driving School have refused to give me my driving Licence since 2017

Last year, Pettans Driving School was being called out for mistreating its students and swindling them off of their hard-earned money through false advertisement and failing to book exams for them through NTSA.

The driving school is being accused of lying to new students that they do not have to pay their fees in full in order to complete the classes but as soon as they pay part of the fees, they receive text messages informing them that you will not be allowed to take more than 5 classes before completing payment.

This is opposed to the information given when new students are registering.

A source reveals that those who have paid fees plus the NTSA exam fee do not get booked for exams in time.

Most students who have completed their classes and are awaiting exams normally stay about three to four months before they sit for the exams, the source discloses.

Upon following up with the school, they find that the exams have not yet been booked.

On Friday, 31 August, students from Pettans, Ndunyu campus demonstrated for their exams being prolonged and lack of action from the school.

The school director, Peterson Njiru stepped in and made sure that they sat for their exams as scheduled.

The source reveals that more than 40 students from the Kawangware center were assured that they would do their exam on Friday, 7 September, but that is yet to happen.

The students are worried that their pleas are falling on deaf ears since the campus manager and the director are neither picking their calls nor taking any form of action.

Some of the staffers have cautioned the students telling them that the school does not have money to book the exams.

The school has previously been accused of being corrupt and failing to deliver their services accordingly.

Editor: Kenyan Herald is currently pursuing matters related to this school. More to follow