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Now you can read this STORY. It is told from first person. It is told by Daisy and Matthew. They will take you through their lives and the painful story of the Kenyan impunity, bribery and incompetence in Kenya. In the middle is a sickly baby. A baby that needs urgent medical care. NOTE: While official at Children Welfare Society Of Kenya are opposing this, THEY THEMSELVES CANT PROVIDE MEDICAL CARE THAT THE CHILD NEEDS!!!!


DAISY I am a thirty-five year old female, born on September 9, 1983 in London, England. My father James is from the United Kingdom, while my mother Mary Alice is from the United States. I am a dual Citizen of the USA and UK. My sister Alice and I were raised in London. Growing up in a Christian home, my overall childhood experience was happy, stable and secure. I feel that my greatest characteristics include my sensitivity and empathy for others. As an artist, I notice and appreciate the beauty in everything around me. I feel that this has allowed me to be grateful for the small things in life and to have compassion for others who are in need.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Communications and a teachers training certificate from the Washington State Department of Early Learning. In the past I have painted African themed portraits and held exhibitions for fundraising, which have provided support for several community based projects in Africa. My passion is for people, and I love to help others in any way that I can. I have volunteered in orphanages and been involved with humanitarian work in the past including Vison2020- The Right to Sight - A global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness. I also founded a Children’s Art Instruction company called “Daisy Fine Art” to teach kids to express themselves in fun and creative ways.

MATTHEW Matthew ( A.K.A Matt ) is a 37 year old male, born in Oregon but raised in Washington State on the west coast of America. His father Joe died of cancer when he was 9. He was the youngest of 3 boys. His mother Glenna remarried a wonderful man called Gregg who was also a widower ( his wife died in a car accident). Gregg had 4 children with his first wife, and when Gregg and Glenna blended their family, Matt became the youngest of 7 kids. Gregg and Glenna are renowned Christian marriage and family counselors from Yakima, Washington. Matt has a tremendous heart for children, especially those suffering from cancer and terminal illness. He volunteered for 7 years at “Camp Side by Side”, an annual summer camp retreat tailored to provide comfort and support for families whose children have cancer.

OUR MARRIAGE Matt and I have been married for nearly 9 years. We met at a mutual friends destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in 2008 . I was a bridesmaid and Matt was a groomsmen. It was pretty much love at first sight. We were married on August 21, 2010 in Santa Cruz, California. We have 2 cute small dogs but no biological children of our own. We always knew we wanted to be parents but it wasn’t until after our long battle with infertility that our hearts became open to the possibility of adoption. When Kiano came into our lives it seemed God was finally answering our prayers to become parents.

While Matt and I are a typical married couple, each with our own flaws, we have a very strong, stable and loving relationship. We are each other’s closest friends, and we have remained each other’s greatest support throughout hard times. I truly feel that our relationship with one another is stronger as a result of our hardships.

DAISY IN KENYA I, Daisy came to Kenya in July 2016 whilst on summer break from teaching in USA. I came to Kenya to visit a family friend and do some volunteer work . On this trip I met baby John Kiano (A.K.A “Kiano”). He was already 6 months old but being only 4.3kg ( 9 pounds) he looked like a newborn baby with a big head. Kiano was born in January 2016 and found as a tiny 1.4kg newborn baby abandoned near a Prayer center in Kiambu Kenya.

When Matt was a child he loved sports and played football, basketball, ran track and loved freeskiing. He was a good student. After high school he attended Seattle Pacific University, studying communication. Matt is an avid learner. He loves learning new things from people who have passion and finds almost anything interesting that feeds his passion for learning new skills. He worked at Starbucks Corporate in Seattle before being recruited to be the VP of Operations for a tech startup in New York City called “Breez”.

There were 2 naked new born babies found by a gardener in a green plastic bag amongst some trees. The baby on top had scratches suspected to be from a wild animal and a broken arm, and the baby on bottom ( Kiano ) was in better shape but both babies were very cold, severely distressed seemingly having been left all night and were in dire medical need. They were taken to hospital and reported to the police but sadly the little brother, named James by hospital staff, died shortly after.

When I met Kiano at the orphanage at 6 months old I heard that he was not expected to live and the doctors had said he was “failure to thrive”. He was struggling to breath and not feeding well and it seemed that everyone there was just waiting for him to die. I was overcome with emotion knowing his story and his miraculous survival despite being dumped at birth and even outliving his twin brother. I had wanted to be a mother for so long and it broke my heart to think that this innocent baby had been unwanted, discarded naked in a trash bag and left to die. I felt compelled to do everything I could to save his life and in the process fell in love with him.

Matt was very supportive of all my efforts and came to Kenya shortly after. Together we agreed we wanted Kiano to become our forever son and looked into the legal process. Being advised that there was still a moratorium on adoption for foreigners we were advised to apply for Legal Guardianship. We have been Kiano’s care providers for nearly 3 years, and we have been his Legal Guardians for over 2 years as appointed by the Nairobi Children’s Court. Kiano is the sweetest, smartest most precious child. He calls us Mum and Dad. We are the only parents he has ever known and though he is not our biological child, he is very much our son - I love him like I gave birth to him.


1. 2nd Jan 2016 Baby John was born and found abandoned near Kirima Tent of Prayer in Ruii, Kiambu. Two naked

new born babies were found by a gardener in a green plastic bag in the grove of trees nearby. The baby on top had scratches suspected to be from a wild animal and a broken arm, and the baby on bottom ( Baby John AKA Kiano ) was in better shape but both babies were very cold, severely distressed seemingly having been left all night and were in dire medical need. The tiny twin boys were rushed to Kiambu hospital. The brother died in the hospital and baby John was eventually sent to Jean Petty Legacy Home

1. 8th July 2016 Daisy Mazzoncini visits Kenya. Daisy being hosted by family friend Gathoni A.K.A Bishop Kirima

subsequently meets Baby John at the Jean Petty Legacy Home.

2. 1st August 2016 Daisy having been introduced to Baby John hears that he is not expected to live and the doctors say his life expectancy is poor. Daisy feels compelled to do everything she can to save his life and starts voluntarily helping with his care but Baby John becomes critically ill. As the orphanage had no type of transportation nor the apparent means to pay for any, Gathoni with Daisy were the ones that rush him to ICU at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital in Muthaiga.

3. 1st August 2016 - 13th August 2016 Baby John remains in ICU for 7 days and is then transferred to the ward for 5 days. Daisy visits him every day in the ICU and attends to him 24 hours a day in the ward. Baby John diagnosed with: Difficulty breathing, Unresponsive, Premature, Severe pneumonia, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Severe protein energy malnutrition.

4. 13th August 2016 Baby John’s hospital fees paid by Matthew and Daisy Mazzoncini. (No financial assistance

was provided by the Home or any other relevant department)

5. October 2016 Matthew visits Kenya Daisy and Matthew, having fallen in love with Baby John who is now bonded to Daisy and Matt, seek legal counsel to have him become part of their family. They are advised to apply for Legal Guardianship. Daisy and Matthew hire a lawyer to submit application for Legal Guardianship to Nairobi Children’s Court granting parental responsibility.

6. October 2016 Prior to hearing for Guardianship, Baby John summoned for review at Kiambu Magistrates court

following an investigation of Jean Petty Legacy Home. Due to Jean Petty negligence and several reported deaths at the home, Jean Petty lose their license and Baby John is committed to Mogra Children’s Home

7. 18th November 2016 - 28th November 2016 Daisy with the consent of Mogra visits Baby John daily in the Mogra baby room (where 350 other children were being housed). Daisy administers Baby John’s various prescribed medications, feeds him as often as she is allowed, and provides his diapers, formula and clothes. Despite Daisy’s efforts, Baby John’s health deteriorates rapidly and he becomes critically ill after only 1 week at Mogra. Daisy realises Baby John is in need of emergency treatment, and with Mogra’s consent, rushes him back to Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital.

8. 28th November 2016 Baby John admitted to Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital for 11 days. Daisy stays with him in

ward 24 hours a day

9. 9th December 2016 Baby John discharged from Gertrude’s Hospital. In-Patient hospital fees paid by Matthew

and Daisy. Daisy and Matthew continue to pay for all outpatient medical expenses for Baby John

10. 13th February 2017 Medical report from Consultant Paediatrician Dr. Rashnik Ghalay confirms Baby John

has complex medical needs that require “very meticulous, personalized care from someone who knows and understands him well”

11. 4th April 2017 Matthew and Daisy awarded Joint Legal Guardianship of Baby John by Nairobi Children’s Court:

Misc Children’s Case no. 213 of 2016

12. June 2017 - July 2017 After initial support of Daisy and Matthew having been granted Guardianship, Mogra becomes hostile and starts making threatening visits to Daisy and Matthew’s residence. They also make threatening visits to Daisy and Matthew’s lawyer ( D. Omari ). As a result, D.Omari advises Daisy and Matthew to cease direct communication with Mogra after instructing them to communicate through their lawyer D. Omari. Mogra seeks to take custody of Baby John by making malicious allegations against Daisy in Court alleging that she is trying to violate the Guardianship Order by illegally taking Baby John out of the Court’s jurisdiction.

13. 03 July 2017 After another threatening visit from Mogra, Daisy files police report at CID Milimani concerning

harassment from Mogra.

14. 21st July 2017 Restraining order issued against Mogra, ( employees, representatives and servants ) granted by

Nairobi Children’s Court.

15. 25th July 2017 Five Police officers from CID Children’s Protection Unit come to Daisy’s residence on a complaint

from Mogra saying the child had been reported missing. Upon arrival police officers tell Daisy they are required to remove Baby John from Daisy and Matthew’s custody ( Officers do not have a Court Order for removal ). Daisy shows the officers her Guardianship Order and Restraining Order against Mogra but despite documentary evidence the officers persist in trying to remove Baby John. Lawyer D. Omari intervenes, and the police officers agree to settle the matter in court the following day and confiscate Daisy’s passport.

16. 26th July 2017 Daisy and D. Omari attend emergency Kiambu Court hearing where allegations brought by Mogra

are dismissed and Police Officers are ordered to return Daisy’s passport.

17. September 2017 Daisy reaches out to Kenya National Commission of Human Rights ( a.k.a “KNCHR” ) to express

concern for upholding the human rights of Baby John. Mogra’s threats along with Baby John’s complex medical history leaves Daisy frightened for Baby John’s life. Daisy raises serious concerns about Mogra trying to take Baby John from her custody, indicating it would be detrimental for his physical health and emotional wellbeing. Daisy also reports to KNCHR that she is concerned for her personal safety due to aggression shown by Mogra.

18. 8th December 2017 Nairobi Children’s court dismisses Mogra’s application to be enjoined as an Interested Party

19. 13th September 2018 John Kiano is rushed by ambulance M.P Shah Hospital, Westlands where he is

immediately admitted to the ICU for uncontrolled seizures. John Kiano continues to seize for a total of 6 hours until he is induced into a coma to prevent brain damage.

20. 25th October 2018 KNCHR seeks appointment with new CS of Labour and Social Protection - Ukur Yatani ( a.k.a. “CS Yatani” ) to discuss his intervention to expedite travel for John Kiano for urgent medical treatment abroad. KNCHR Chair Kagwiria Mbogori presents John Kiano’s case to CS Yatani and asks him for either exemption from Moratorium for adoption or his support for the lifting of travel restrictions for the Mazzoncini’s Guardianship. CS Yatani orders Advisory Committee on Child Adoption in Kenya for report within 5 days, before considering KNCHR’s request. As part of the report, Child Welfare Society of Kenya ( a.k.a CWSK ) representatives interview Daisy at her home two times, once for 4 hours and again for a further 5 hours (no report was delivered to the CS over 3 months).

21. 26th October 2018 Daisy reports to KNCHR concerns about the aggressive nature of questioning by CWSK

officers in her home and requests both a KNCHR representative and lawyer D. Omari to be present for all future appointments.

22. 20 November 2018 Matthew Mazzoncini is detained at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by Immigration

Officers due to a letter submitted by CS Yatani at the request of CWSK. Matthew is held at JKIA for several hours before being transferred to Nyayo House for further questioning. All his possessions are confiscated and Matthew is denied access to legal representation. D. Omari files an application for Writ of Habeas Corpus to High Court and subsequently is given access to his client. Matthew is released by Department of Immigration into the custody of the Children’s Department ( illegal ) who continues to detain him for a total of 15.5 hours without food or water. Daisy is distraught and frightened for his life having not heard of him.

23. 4th December 2018 Mazzoncini’s receive Medical Letter from U.S Hospital “Pediatric Diagnostic Associates”

in Tennessee, USA confirming John Kiano’s need for “specialized care” - Neurological evaluation, treatment and ongoing medical and financial support needed for John Kiano. Further, the report states John Kiano “needs treatments as soon as possible to prevent long term damage and developmental delay”

24. 17 December 2018 Having not heard back from CS Yatani for nearly 2 months, KNCHR chairperson instructs Daisy and Matthew to apply to the Nairobi Children’s Court to travel to USA for urgent medical treatment.

25. 28th January 2019 Daisy is summoned again to the Westland Children’s Office with John Kiano due to a false

report given to the Westland Children’s Officer alleging there are “marks on the child,” implying the Daisy and Matthew are abusing John Kiano. Additionally, the Mazzoncini’s were also accused of “already having left the country with John Kiano illegally.” John Kiano was physically inspected. Both allegations were disproved.

26. 8th February 2019 Child Welfare Society of Kenya submits an application to be enjoined as an Interested Party

on the Mazzoncini’s application for urgent medical travel. CWSK opposes Matthew and Daisy’s Guardianship and makes strong allegations of Child trafficking, falsifying medical reports and being unfit guardians on the basis of race and nationality.

27. 4th April 2019 13 people mostly men violently forced their way into our apartment and kidnapped our sickly 3

year old son Kiano. No warrant or court order for entry into our home was provided. ( See report to US Embassy)

Random photos of the Baby and Mathew with Daisy