Kechwo is a vocal resident of Transamara a great supporter of Emurua Dikir MP Johana Ngeno. Apparently he supplied silage to Sossion who is also a farmer but the millionaire trade unionist has failed to pay the poor trader from Transmara and now Kechwo is seeking for help from the public to compel Sossion to pay the debt.

Wilson Sossion who has been through the court fighting for justice against mandarins trying to take up his seat at the KNUT we would expect him to be more sensitive to the plight of small traders. But this is a case of selfishness and greed that is characteristic of our leaders across the country. Kenyan Herald joins the pyublic to condemn Wilson Sossion and ask him to immediately pay Ksh75000 he owes this trader from Transmara.

That money is a drop on the ocean for someone who earns salary twice from KNUT and Parliament. Shame on you Wilson Sossion.

This is my story with Wilson Sossion, KNUT Secretary, MP.

My name is GK Kechwo Arap Motuiyo

This is my story with Wilson Sossion, KNUT Secretary, MP.

On February this year, we talked with him whereby he wanted ripe maize corn grinded silage for his cows. We agreed at a price of 35k per acre of maize. I was to transport it with a tipper. One tipper can load 2 acres. I delivered the first two acres on 6th February. It was Tuesday night. Sossion had sent me his farm manager's number one Mr Kosgey who received the goods. Sossion promised to pay me by Friday the same week. He didn't. By Monday he was no longer picking calls.

I kept on pressuring him until he agreed to pay 25k and promised to clear the rest in the following week. He didn't. He told me to go meet him in Nairobi. I went and he got lost. Last month, I threatened to post the story on Facebook and he agreed to talk to me promising to pay the following week. He got lost. I went to Facebook again and he immediately called me. We agreed on the following week which was to be last week but one. He got lost. I pressured him last Friday and he told me he was not going to pay any cent more and that I will do nothing as he is a sitting MP. Sossion owes me 70k after he paid 25k.

Two acres-70k


Here are the screenshots of their conversation