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Hello Abraham Mutai

Kindly assist this young girl aged 15yrs to get justice

Mary Wanjiru Kimani was raped by the uncle 55yrs of age in October last year at shamata village in Nyandarua county. The case was reported to the area chief and the culprit was apprehended but unfortunately after few days the uncle was released under unclear circumstances. The family has been trying to hide the case. Currently the girl is heavily pregnant, not attending classes. She's is in class 8 and staying with the mother at Olkalou Nyandarua county.

The girl narrated the story to me yesterday, when she was raped she never reported to anyone due to threats from the uncle. When she missed her menses she reported to the teacher who took her to the area chief to report the matter. NB, the girl had been left under the care of the grand mother at shamata while the mother was working (vibarua) at Olkalou when the uncle raped her in the early morning hours. The family is not willing to get justice for the girl and they are hiding her.


Name withheld (Good Samaritan)

More information:

The girls mother is called Hannah.

The Chief's name is Madam Njeri Peninah Phone 0723757615

Uncle's name is Peter Mburu Njoroge

Kenyan-herald.com reached out to the area chief this morning and we were shocked to learn that indeed the allegations are true. She says that after the girl's teachers discovered she was pregnant they questioned her and after learning that it might have been a possible rape case, they immediately reported the matter to the chief who took action and arrested her uncle together with other suspects who the girl had mentioned first perhaps out of fear. The girls mother and family didnt want to record statement and they switched off their phones. Subsequently the suspects were released.

"My attempts to reach out to the girl were futile as the family decided to hide the girl from the public.." Says the Chief, Peninah.

Kenyan herald has independently verified that indeed the girl is heavily pregnant and she is helpless. She decided to confide in our source who has been helping her with money for upkeep and that she needs justice. She told our source that after her uncle had raped her, he had threatened to kill her should she say anything to anyone. With all the stigma associated with such cases, She felt let down by society. Being a remote village, her case is worth pursuing.

While rape cases can be tedious to prove especially after such a long time, this girl clearly needs help. The trauma she is undergoing while pregnant can easily throw her into depression. The good Samaritan is a woman, a neighbor. If you wish to help the girl especially through the neighbor send an email to kenyanherald@gmail.com.

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