We received mail. In an email sent to the editor of Kenyan Herald, potential members of Engineers Board of Kenya have leveled serious accusations of impropriety and misuse of office. They are facing frustrations and untold suffering.

Hello Mutai.

"I am a graduate engineer asking you to raise a query regarding engineers board of Kenya(EBK). The board which mandates all graduates to seek registration with It so as to be issued with practicing license has really failed young graduates. I will highlight two specific cases. First and foremost, registration with the board takes too long and what this implies is inability to apply for jobs that require the applicant to be a member of the board. I attended an interview and since I didn't have HELB, CRB clearance and a host of other documents, I could not pass the interview.The first question I was asked is whether I was registered with the board and the HR people could have none of It. They bluntly told me the requirements carried 'marks' and that could be my greatest undoing. 

Another issue I wish you could highlight is the issue to do with registration as a professional engineer. Normally the process takes a minimum of 3 years should you hopefully get a job under a senior engineer after you have been registered with the board as a graduate engineer. Now here comes the behemoth Bw.Mutai. In the path towards being a professional engineer there is something called CPD- Continuous professional development- graded units/ points which are required in the same. The CPDs are not cheap. For instance one goes for 18000ksh. And you require several of them. Also conferences seminars and meetings are held in high end resort which further discriminate on the unemployed young graduate engineers. This is wrong and further demoralizes the young graduates. These discriminatory policies by the board need to end if at all engineering sector is to ever thrive in this country.

Kindly highlight the issue Sir. 

Thanks in advance.-Graduate engineer

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