Hot on the heels of former Sports Cabinet secretary Richard Echesa's arrest over Kes 39 Billion fake tender on guns supply, details have emerged of a well organized group of smartly dressed young men and women operating under Deputy President William Ruto's name to cone unsuspecting , gullible local and foreign Businessmen.

The cone cartels print newspapers with multi-million worth Business adverts to lure their targets.

It has been revealed that the conmen stage heavy security details and Government vehicles in order to instill trust and confidence to their clients. 

Suprisingly,others use Government offices like the case of Mr Echesa who held meetings to draw dirty deals at office of the deputy president.

Some of them include a Kibwezi based politician James Mbaluka who is at the center of Ksh 1.8 Billion fake police shoes supply tender aimed at swindling unsuspecting businessmen.

Just like former sports CS Rashid Echesa, Mbaluka is an operative in the office of the Deputy President William Ruto and is said to have amassed wealth over the dirty dealings while enjoying protection of the countries second in command.

Mbaluka who operates alongside Joy Wangari, Allan Chesang and others is said to have met the representatives of China based company in Ruto’s office where he received Ksh 10 Million as first installment ahead of signing of the tender. 

His former close ally who did not want to be named for security reasons said Mr Mbaluka got the Chinese contacts from DP Ruto before sending them an email attracting their attention. The tender was supposed to be signed early next week but Echesa’s backfired deal is said to have send shivers down the spines of Mbaluka and other accomplices.

According to our sources, Mbaluka and others have met the Chinnese Businessmen in two more occasions one at DP’s Weston Hotel and the second one at Hilton hotel Mombasa road where he received Kes 10 and 5 Million respectively with a balance of Ksh 35 million would be made on the signing date.

James Mbaluka is further mentioned in another racket where Makindu Business man Stephen Ngei of Makindu Motors was conned over Ksh 200 Million in a well choreographed  scheme similar to the gun fraud tender pitting former sports CS Rashid Echesa.

Mr. Ngei is said to have been approached by James Mbaluka, and since they came from the same locality, little could he suspect. He was ripped off KSh 180 Million in 2018 after signing fake tender documents to supply laptops to statehouse and Department of Defense (DOD). The fake documents were allegedly delivered to the businessman by one James Mbaluka.  

On Saturday, Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile told DCI to move with speed and summon Ruto and his accomplices (Mbaluka, Wangari, Chesang, Faruk and others) over the multibillion gun supply deals that were staged at DP’s annex office .Kalembe further told Ruto to resign and pave way for investigations.

 The flamboyant businessman who runs a chain food stores, petro stations, hotels and real estate businesses is believed to have used the shoes fake tender documents to con several other unsuspecting persons millions of money other than Chinese.

 Mbaluka was  on 2017 arraigned in Court over illegal transactions and grabbing of Ksh 8 Billion worth Karen land case that pitted the then cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu (lands) and Michael Kamau of Transport. It is the land syndicate that cost Ms Ngilu her then Cs position after President Uhuru Kenyatta directed all five CS’s named in corruption syndicates to step aside for investigations.

Later Mbaluka and 12 other suspects were set free on by even as the Government lost KSh 33 Million due to illegal change of a road design.

It remains unclear whether Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji will institute criminal proceedings against Mr Mbaluka and others.