If you grew up in the early 2000 then you must have been an adamant listener to the greatest sounds of Gidi GidiMaji Maji, Necessary Noise and the likes of Kalamashaka. Forgive my ignorance but I was later made aware that Ted Josiah was part of this music revolution and is credited for producing their records.

But what is wrong with Ted? Surely..? From the keyboard to animal skin? He says yes and introduces JokaJok. A luxury leather product business that focusses on making bags, wallets, purses and Jackets. Ok Ted you win - so why give up everything you had become in the music industry and focus on making and selling bags? “What did I know about bags apart from people putting stuff in them?" he asks. What he had realized that for him to be able to realize this dream and be counted as a force to reckon in this leather industry, he had to research and learn more on the leather industry essentials. After all, design trade is what he has been doing for the last 20 years.

By the way if you are wondering,  JokaJok is a group of Luo people who are also known as Josuba or Jokakombe.

Having travelled all over the world in pursuit of creativity, Ted is of the idea that Africa has the best designers, leather and cotton and other significant raw materials. He is so worried that we are still exporting hides when we should be using them right here and developing our own luxury brands that can stand side by side with the best of the west.

JokaJok as a brand creates jobs and gives Kenya pride by putting its citizens to work. If we create big brands that manufacture in Kenya we assure more Kenyans jobs. It is wrong for us to manufacture outside our borders, produce cheap plastic products in the Far East and give the bulk of the jobs and money to them while we have a workforce willing to learn new trades and create new opportunities for each other.

Our nation needs us to BUY KENYA BUILD KENYA AND MAKE KENYA AND KENYANS GREAT AGAIN! We owe it to ourselves & generations to come.