Find Patrick at the Legendary Balcony Bar Doing his Mixology Trade. So sharp that requesting his Signature Cocktail will be your order of the Evening. I was Lucky to attend the Finals of the Diageo World Class Competition Kenya Edition back in June and since that Day, I was Convinced that finally we as Kenyans we Got it. Fast Forward Ladies and Gentlemen Patrick reins in the Top 11 Bartenders in the World. Not my Imagination. This is according to the World Finals Held in Berlin from 5th - 8th of October.

Before Berlin came Calling, Patrick Whooped over 40 other up skill Mixologists from various bars and restaurants in Kenya to make it to the Top 6 Finalists where he Managed to Clinch the World Class Kenya Bartender Winner 2018,qualifying him for the Berlin Finals in Style. His winning Signature Cocktail was Called El Granjero Meaning the farmer; which is the country of origin for Ron Zacapa; the spirit he used to make this cocktail.


The Global Final event in Berlin brings together the world’s best bartenders who battle it out in a series of innovative cocktail and mixology challenges, judged by the world’s most respected mixologists and taste experts. During the Finals in Berlin Patrick battled it out with the bartending elites from more than 56 countries for the title of WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year. A panel of the world’s leading flavor experts, hosted by Diageo Global Cocktailian, Lauren Mote, included bartending legend Jeffrey Morgenthaler, king of the Instagrammable cocktail Elliott Clark (a.k.a. Apartment Bartender), Claire Smith-Warner, Head of New Brands at Seedlip (the world’s first non-alcoholic distilled spirit) and World Class Bartender of the Year 2012, Tim Phillips-Johansson.

For the first challenge in World Class 2018, the 57 contestants had to submit a video about better drinking and having an impact on the local community. Only the top 5 were to make their drinks for the Judges. Patrick being a Stunt Competitor with an urge to announce his arrival to the Big Stage, made it to the Top 5 of the 57 in this Category. 'Patrick will be doing Tanqueray Ten Challenge to the Judges' the announcement came!!

Exceptional cocktail is a phrase that pops up in the reviews of the world’s best bars, but what does ‘exceptional’ actually mean? It’s a word that is applied to drinks that aren’t only well prepared and taste great, but also challenges existing notions of what a drink can be, and push the limits of the cocktail bar experience; good drinks that become great through attention to detail and careful Curation of context. Patrick being relatively newcomer to the world of mixology, made history by managing to grace the list of the 2018 Top 20 WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year competition; one of the industry’s most prestigious and respected mixology competitions Worldwide. Clearly, the Kenyan Contestant Understood what this would mean to him and the entire Nation at Large.

Diageo World Class Top 20 Contenders

The List of the Top 20 Finalists of the World-class 2018 as it was.

Carl D’Alton-Ireland

Nicolás Castro-Peru

Chris Enns-Canada

Orri Páll Vihjálmsson-Iceland

Pavel Pamukchiev-Bulgaria

Barnett Yueh-Taiwan

Orlando Marzo-Australia

Lester Jones Lignon-Philippines

Marco Aurelio Dorantes-Mexico

Michael Hajiyiannis-Denmark

Kana Arai-Japan

Patrick Matua-Kenya

Gökhan Kuşoğlu-Turkey

Travis Kuhn-South Africa

Laura Newman-USA

Daniel Warren-Great Britain

Carlos Emilio Mejía Espaillat-Dominican Republic

Juan David Zapata-Colombia

Ben Lobos-Netherlands

Yvonne Rahm-Germany


Orlando Marzo, from Melbourne’s acclaimed Lûmé restaurant, was however named the world’s best bartender During this Coveted WORLD CLASS Global Bartender of the Year 2018 Competition. The Australian beat over 10,000 bartenders from every corner of the globe in a competition that spanned five continents, six months, hundreds of challenges and countless cocktails.

Diageo World Class Winner 2018 Orlando Marzo


"Patrick making at least the top 11 was a huge deal for Kenya and he has changed many opinions about what we are capable of across all of Africa" explained Dougie Duncanson Senior Reserve Ambassador EABL. A new standard has been set by our champion. We couldn't agree more.

The Diageo World Class competition is one of the industry’s prestigious and respected mixology competitions worldwide. The competition is part of a fully integrated program that aims to increase the quality of consumer's experiences in fine drinking, offering support and training to thousands of bartenders and bars to improve their skills.

To date, the program has inspired and educated more than 25,000 bartenders worldwide while working in partnership with bars, restaurants, night-clubs, and hotels to build their business and offer a better experience to consumers. Patrick Mutua the Villa Rosa Mixologist will indeed add Value in Our Kenyan Cocktail Culture with the experience acquired during this Competition.


‘Bartending is not only about making drinks but also creating networks and having an open Mind’ exclaimed Patrick. He then tells me that he owes his Success to being Humble, and Patient. He boastfully narrates that he was among the Contenders that besides making nice Drinks, he entertained and expressed a Touch of an African Hospitality.

When asked what is next for him, Patrick says he’s looking forward to more Growth in regards to exposures and specialization in Infusions and Bitters. “It’s time we come up with a Platform for Like mind Bartenders that will help take the industry to another Level”