In unprecedented move that has shocked many, Sarah Cohen has written in a website that has since gone viral online since last night to respond to various allegations that have been flying around about her husband and her marriage. An article that appears on her website on she has narrated in a bid to demystify what the media has been calling her husband as 'billionaire' husband, as lies and falsehoods.

She says:

In an effort to portray me as an opportunist, one recurring narrative that has been going round lately has to do with Tob’s net worth. While I am not about to feed the conspiracy theorists out there by sensationalizing this any further, I would like to simply state that my husband and I are not billionaires.

When I met Tob, he was not a wealthy man. He was doing okay, but he was not overly wealthy. I was 23 when we met, and together we started and have been running our golf tours and safaris business since. With our sweat and effort, we built it into the business it is today, culminating in us getting awarded as Africa’s Best Golf Tour Operator in 2018.

Our efforts have enabled us to live a comfortable life, but certainly not a lavish one. Due to his bombastic, larger-than-life personality, Tob has often gone round telling people that he’s immensely wealthy. This has, perhaps, fed into the narrative that he is one of Kenya’s wealthiest men, and the evidence is in our lifestyle.

Everything we own, we have worked hard for. The land upon which our house sits was purchased in the year 2000, when land prices in that area were still relatively low. The money used to purchase that piece of land, and build the house that sits on the property, all came from our efforts in our business. The house was also not built in a day, but was built over many years of hard work. Naturally, and being in an upmarket area of Nairobi, the value of our property has risen over the years, and its current value is one of the major sub-plots in the issues we have been having in the last few months.

I met Tob as he was leaving his position as Chief Executive of Phillips East Africa. He was relatively well paid, but did not have a massive amount of savings. The secret to our success at the business depended on Tob’s brilliant ability to network with all stakeholders in the industry, and my capacity to coordinate, organize and marshal resources, people and information to ensure all the contracts that we got were effectively carried out. The business, and Tob himself, greatly benefited too from the fact that I was a Kenyan citizen, and was therefore able to open doors he did not have access to.

This post is, in no way, meant to demean or put down Tob’s success in business. It’s simply meant to kill this ridiculous narrative that, to quote the Daily Nation (one that I responded to here), Tob was one of ‘Kenya’s wealthiest men.’

This is a move that is likely to create more controversy around her husbands disappearance and the case that she faces.