At Kenyan Herald we frequently publish emails we receive from our readers across the country. We publish the emails in their original forms so as to retain the intended feeling and touch of the sender. We have received a cry for justice against Urithi Housing. And we have published the email below. Let this reach the relevant organizations and investigative bodies. We retain the express authority to the identities of the persons involved and shall only be revealed upon their permission.

Good Afternoon Lord Mutai. I am your follower on Twitter and am greatly impressed by the work you do to help distraught citizens by exposing the corrupt without fear or favour.

I write to you this afternoon seeking your kind assistance.

I am a member of Olive Garden 3 Estate Resident Association composed of more than 350 members currently working to have our group registered into an association. We bought land from Urithi Housing Cooperative Society Limited in 2016 and 2017. The plots of land (40*80) dubbed Olive Gardens Tola 3 & 4 are in Juja at a place called Weiteithe behind Mang'u H. School.

A plot on Tola 3 was going at 950K in 2016 while a plot on Tola 4 was going at Kes. 1.245 M in 2017. By the end of 2017, 90% of our members had finished paying for their plots. Quick maths show that Urithi collected close to Kes. 400 Million from its 359 members in both blocks of land.

The agreement between Urithi and its members stipulated that the title deeds would be ready within 3 months after completion of payments. 2 years down the line and nothing has happened. Important to note that some members are still servicing bank loans which they used to acquire the said plots. Others have built and are residing on the plots while others are stuck halfway due to the prevailing uncertainties regarding this land.

Our cries to Urithi have borne no fruits. They continue to ignore us and all they do is issue empty promises since October last year.

As we speak, the vendors who sold this land to Urithi have removed the land beacons and erected 'No Tresspass' boards on the land. They threaten to evict everyone from this land and demolish any property erected on it. They claim that Urithi has not paid them and has adamantly refused to honour their purchase agreement despite advertising for several projects countrywide, including a land adjacent to the block in question worth millions of shillings (Birmingham Woodland).

We have held a series of meetings with Urithi management and its chairman Mr. Samuel Maina remains noncommittal on how and when he will address our grievances and issue members with their much needed title deeds.

We ask, Why did Urithi fail to pay the vendors while they have collected close to Kes. 400 Million from its members? Where did they take our money? Why do they keep ignoring the plight of its members? - some have invested their live's savings on these plots. What will happen to those who have built maisonettes and bungalows on the land - spending millions of shillings - should the vendors make their eviction threats real?

My plea and members plea to you Mr. Mutai is that you help us amplify our voice to reach the highest authorities to save members from losing their investments. Should Urithi come down, we don't want it to go down with our hard earned cash. We plead with you to take up the matter and assist us in whatever way that you can.

We will appreciate your kind assistance.

You can reach me on 07XXXXXXXX

PS: Please keep our names and numbers private.


Apparently Uriithi is currently running a PR Hashtag on twitter to sanitize its corrupt ways and scamming of its members. Justice is on the way. Mr Samuel Maina, your time is up.