A video has now emerged of Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina furious and angry at Kalenjin community in Narok. In the video, Ledama is visibly angry at the Kalenijin community and accused them of insitigating violence and clashes in the region after some reportedly refused to leave the Mau Forest.

"Mkichokoza nyuki basi uwe tayari ku-deal naye. Umechoka Maasai. Ngoje niwambie" Ledama is heard issuing an unspecified threat to the Kalenjin community in Narok.

Ledama has been accused of insiting the Maasai against the kalenjin in Narok

Ledama has been on the forefront calling for Mau conservation and sometimes he has been accused of being an extremist instigating and inciting violence in the region.

"...Kwanza hawa wamama wa kalenjin......takataka " Ledama is heard towards the end of the video footage.

Watch the video here