By MadameNoire, News Republic

If we can call it like we see it, it is not difficult for a man to finish. For a man, his buttons are pretty much being pushed every single second of sex. There isn’t a position in which a man’s buttons aren’t being pushed. For women, things are very delicate. We have, like, two angles that work and a very small window in which we can finish. If you so much as move or adjust, it’s over for us and we can’t get it back. So, yes, men, we get it—it’s not necessarily easy to make a woman orgasm. But it’s a skill worth learning. Just because it’s normal (statistically) for women not to finish, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. A woman who orgasms is a happier woman and no relationship can really be, fully happy if the woman isn’t. So, men, here is why you should care about her orgasm.

She’ll want to have sex more

First off, for your own selfish needs, keep in mind that if your partner has more orgasms, then she’ll want to have more sex. If you’re tired of hearing, “I’m not in the mood” then give her a reason to be in the mood.

She’ll let you try new things

If she trusts that you know what to do and will care about her pleasure, then she’ll let you try the new things you want to do. Otherwise, she’ll just want to go to that one old move that she at least knows she can maybe orgasm from.

When a woman orgasms, her body releases hormones that make her feel more bonded to the man who gave her that orgasm. In other words, a woman who orgasms is a woman who stays.

Sexual dissatisfaction is a top reason couples don’t work out. Don’t think men are the only ones who will walk out on a relationship because they’re sexually unsatisfied.

You’ll look hotter to her

I don’t quite know how to explain it but, from personal experience, when my partner gives me a big O, he just looks like an Adonis to me for the next 24 hours. There is some sort of halo around him.

She’ll be more generous in bed

Your partner will probably be grateful and go down on you and do other things you like, more. If she never gets to look forward to an O, then why would she feel generous?

She tells her friends

Yes, she talks to her friends about her sex life on girls’ night. She tells them all about it if she isn’t having an orgasm. They giggle in their heads when they see you.

Yes, even her male friends

And yes, she tells her male friends. She may specifically tell her male friends, trying to get their male insight on how to fix this. There are a lot of people she may tell about the details of your relationship.

You’ll fight less

Orgasms just chill us out. They put a nice, pleasant haze on everything. They make us feel content, happy, and generally more agreeable.

She’ll get into your hobbies

Honestly, your partner may be more willing to take an interest in your hobbies if you give her orgasms. If you don’t give her orgasms, she’s just not willing to make sacrifices in many other areas of the relationship.

Don’t compete with a robot

If you don’t give her an orgasm, then her vibrator will. Once a robot takes over that important job, she may just wonder in general why she needs you around.

She’ll sleep better

Due to all the relaxing chemicals our bodies produce after an orgasm, we sleep better after a big O. And a well-rested woman is a happier woman.

You should make her spank bank

If you don’t give her a big O, then she probably won’t think of you when she masturbates. But if she isn’t thinking of you then whom is she thinking about?

Because she experiences blue balls

Women experience blue balls, too. It’s not quite the same as men but, it’s still miserable. Do you want to do that to the woman you love?

Because don’t be selfish

Don’t be selfish. How would you like it if your partner didn’t care if you weren’t finishing? You’d feel like she was a demon. She may feel that way about you if she doesn’t orgasm.