Preacher says God revealed to him why Raila lost his voice during Kinoru BBI rally

A preacher in kisii has surprised many after saying God took away Raila’s voice during the BBI rally in Meru.

In his statement the preacher,Peter Morwabe said the Lord was not happy about the BBI drive as it will being more divisions among Kenyans.

“On Saturday, February 29, the Lord spoke to me on what is going to happen to Kenya if the BBI rallies are not suspended. And because the rallies began in Kisii, the Lord commanded me to order my congregants against attending BBI rallies,” the preacher noted as recorded K24.

“I am requesting the president and the political class to suspend the BBI rallies. My church is not against the BBI, however, through the voice of God, I request that the BBI rallies be suspended. I foresee something [undesirable] happening to Kenyans,” added Morwabe.

He said God will continue interfering with the voices of leaders championing the drive during rallies.

“During the morning prayers that I held alongside my wife on Saturday, the Lord told me that He would interfere with the voices of those championing the BBI agenda. God wants the best for this country. The Kenyan politicians are aware of what is going on. Kenya has always been a united country, we do not need the BBI to preach that. We have never been divided until the politicians preach the divisions through political initiatives such as the BBI,”the preacher stated.

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