President Uhuru Reveals Why He Quit Twitter [VIDEO]

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, November 25 for the first time revealed why he left social media over a year ago.

Speaking at the launch of a signature drive for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, President Uhuru revealed that he quit social media in particular Twitter after experiencing an endless abuse and bullying that was directed towards him.

The President stated that he prefers physical engagement as better avenue for receiving feedback adding that it has been resourceful in the BBI process.

The head of state further described Twitter as a useless platform full of insults that would only mess up his peace of mind.

President Uhuru Kenyatta signing the BBI report at KICC on November 22, 2020. Photo/Courtesy

“Mimi sio mtu wa hiyo (social media). Ata Twitter niliondoka huko nikaona hii kitu ni bure ni matusi tu hakuna kitu inaendelea huko. Unakaa hapo unasoma, hulali. Afadhali nipige story na mama, nilale, niamke, niende kazi na dunia iendelee (You see I left Twitter and other social media sites because I saw they are full of insults and nothing constructive. You sit there reading the comments instead of sleeping. ‘Oh, what have they said? They make calls asking people to see how how the trolls have attacked. I would rather sleep or talk to my wife,” Kenyatta said.

Uhuru’s official Facebook and Twitter profiles were deactivated in March 2019 at a time he was the most followed Kenyan with over 3 million Twitter followers raising various questions.

State House Chief of Staff, Nzioka Waita, at the time claimed that the handles were deactivated in response to a case of unauthorized access to the President’s official accounts.

The president’s official communication is nowadays being disseminated through official State House accounts. At the time,

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