Pro Ruto Legislators and Governors Troop to Karen for BBI Strategic Meeting (Photos)

The much anticipated strategy meeting is underway in DP Ruto’s Karen residence.

The leaders are meeting to discuss a united front and counter a growing BBI influence painting Ruto as anti-reformist.

This is despite Ruto publicly pushing for consensus on contentious BBI proposals, which he says will avert a divisive referendum.

On Tuesday Ruto while speaking in Nakuru said it’s still possible to achieve consensus even after the signatures collection was launched.

“We must not have winners and losers. We can fashion a win-win and that is possible and it will be possible. I am very confident we will do so together,” the DP said.

Ruto told the mourners that there are politicians dying to turn the referendum into a political contest.

“We have seen the ugly side of divided people and there are politicians, even on this issue of BBI, who are looking on how to divide people into camps so that they compete for certain outcomes. No. Let us look for a way to have all of us united. What will it benefit you to divide us to create enemies when we can agree?” he asked.

The Karen meeting seeks to adopt a common ground on the referendum bill with some quarters saying the group wants to give conditions that will see a ‘No Consensus, No BBI’ situation.

Ruto is expected to make a major announcement at 2 pm from his Karen office.

Here are photos from Karen;

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