Qualities of A Good Woman

1. She compromises. Life can’t just be good throughout. At some point in your relationship, you and your partner will have some disagreements. It is very normal when that happens and the relationship can work when both of the partners compromise
2. She is always honest. It is more important to have someone who can get you back on track when you are wrong. This is because everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions at some point
3. She is smarter than you. Ideally, she should be smarter than you. This is because the idea is that a smart partner never stops challenging you intellectually which helps you keep your mental faculties keen forever
4. She has a positive outlook.shr should always have a positive mind towards you and towards your achievements. Should be someone who sees a small thing as big one . in other words, sometimes you could accuse her of naive optimism
5. She has a good relationship with her parents. If you want to know what the future of your partner holds, then look at their parents. If you want to know you will be treated in your 30s then look at how they treat their parents now
6. She is able to support her goals and at the same time pursues her own. A strong woman by your side will motivate you and won’t be dependent on you. You don’t need to worry about her and she won’t need your constant validation
7. She has an open heart. Having a partner who shines in the public spotlight and can easily make herself heard in a group makes it easier
8. Sheis kind. The keys to a long and happy relationship are kindness and generosity
9. She always laughs at your jokes. Of course, we always want someone by our side who actually laughs at our jokes. Having a partner who thinks they are funny is more important for men than for women

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