Raila Allies in Dilemma to Abandon Governor Race For Cabinet in 2022

Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga’s allies are in dilemma on whether to go for a gubernatorial seat in 2022 or remain in the National assembly to stand a chance to be appointed to the cabinet if Building Bridges Initiative goes through.

Suba South MP John Mbadi and Homa Bay Woman Rep Gladys Wanga, who have declared their interest in the Homa Bay gubernatorial seat in 2022, are now under pressure to reconsider their stand.

Mbadi and Wanga have publicly declared their interest to succeed Governor Cyprian Awiti in 2022 and have set the ground rolling with underground campaigns.

According to the residents, Raila will have a smooth sailing should he declare to run for President in 2022 with the support of his handshake partner, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Homa Bay County leaders during the launch of the BBI signature collection in Homa Bay on November 29,2020. Photo/Courtesy

And should ODM form the next government, Mbadi and Wanga cannot fail to get prominent positions in the national government.

“Wanga is the one of the charismatic women in the greater South Nyanza and is capable of becoming a minister. I cannot exempt Mbadi and Kajwang’ from that list,” former Homa Bay Trade executive Carilus Ademba argued.

Governor Awiti also echoed Ademba’s statement during the launch of the BBI signature collection in Homa Bay asking senior politicians in the county not to only focus on the governor seat.

Awiti asked them not to lose an opportunity of being appointed ministers after 2022 election for the governorship post.

“I know we politicians have different interests but it would be important for senior leaders here in Homa Bay not to chase one bird. Let’s not miss out in ministerial appointments,” Awiti said.

ODM Chairman and Suba East MP John Mbadi and Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga. Photo/Courtesy

“He (Mbadi) is senior among MPs in Homa Bay. I think he should remain as MP and get appointed as minister for Finance after 2022,” Senator Kajwang’ said.

The two leaders however, remain adamant on their ambitions to succeed Governor Awiti stating they are all in.

“I tell Ademba that I am not boarding and let him prepare for stiff competition.  I will not change my aspiration for the gubernatorial post,” Wanga said.

Mbadi on other hand stated that his knowledge and experience in politics make him a good governor.

“There is no high office I need again in the National Assembly after serving as a Minority leader. I want to come and work for Homa Bay people on the ground,” Mbadi said.

The entry of former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero into the race has further complicated things for Wanga and Mbadi.

Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero. Photo/Courtesy

In an interview with the Standard on Thursday, December 10, Kidero said that he is keen on vying for Homa Bay gubernatorial seat held by incumbent ODM’s Governor Cyprian Awiti.

According to Kidero, he had been approached by the constituents to vie for the post, a move that is rattling ODM members eyeing the position.

“It is something I am considering very seriously,” Kidero said.

Kidero’s deep pockets to run a well-oiled campaign and ties with the late Tom Mboya, one of the most respected political leaders in Kenya and particularly in South Nyanza makes him a force to reckon.

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