Raila Odinga says 2022 is his last chance to become president

Raila Odinga: 2022 is My Fifth And Last Chance to be President

ODM leader Raila Odinga has hinted at making his 5th attempt at presidency come 2022 general elections.

The former Prime Minister now says that he is still energetic and alert politically.

Speaking in Mombasa on Raila’s last day of his coastal political tour, Governor Hassan Joho backed Raila to go for the country’s top seat in 2022 saying that he still has what it takes to become Kenya’s 5th president.

Joho backs Raila to become president in 2022
ODM leader Raila Odinga and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. Image/Facebook

“Baba is not tired, baba is ready. Are you ready?” Joho asked a crowd even as he said that they will do anything possible to block Ruto from becoming president in 2022.

“We will do anything possible to stop you because your goal is to bait our youth to vote for you then lead them to a path of destruction” further said Joho.

In a thinly veiled attack at Deputy President William Ruto, Raila said that like a chicken, Ruto is baiting the youth by offering knee jack and short term solutions to their unemployment.

On his coastal tour, Raila was seeking to neutralize Ruto’s perceived growing support and it was in Mombasa that the former PM announced that he will take another jab at the presidency for the fifth time in 2022.

“Those in government have been there for eight years and now pretend they did not know youth had no jobs, the women are suffering and Kenyans are crying. Now, with two years left, you start bringing bicycles, motorbikes, wheelbarrows. Where were you for all those seven years?” Raila questioned.

Raila's last chance at presidency
Raila Odinga during his campaign tour of Mombasa. Image/Courtesy

He promoted BBI as the only solution for post-election chaos and violence witnessed in the country, arguing that a referendum to amend the constitution is a matter of when and not if.

“With BBI the Prime Minister will be from Parliament. They will be paid from Parliament and only get allowances for holding the PM position. Just like I used to when I was PM,” Raila said.

He further noted that the BBI will bring a solution to solve the two-thirds gender rule.

While Odinga was winding up his three day Coastal tour, Deputy President William Ruto told off the former Prime Minister for using BBI as a tool to resuscitate his political career.

Ruto told off Raila and the ‘deep state’ saying that he was prepared and ready to face them in 2022.

“”Threats and intimidations will not deter my quest for the top seat. I am ready to face the ‘deep state.’ They have the ‘deep state and the system,’ we have God and wananchi,” Ruto said to a thunderous reception.

William Ruto addressing wananchi at Kitengela, Kajaido County.
William Ruto addressing wananchi at Kitengela, Kajaido County. Image/Twitter

Raila is expected next in Kisii County in a move that has seen many criticize him of copying William Ruto’s political moves. Ruto was in Kisii last week, where he was massively received by the residents.



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