Kimani Ichungwa

Raila Odinga Knows Nothing About Church – Kimani Ichungwa Slams ODM Leader for Attacking Catholic Bishops

Kikuyu Mp Kimani Ichungwa has slammed Raila for attacking Catholic Bishops.

Ichungwa said that it was wrong for the ODM leader to dismiss the opinion of the clerics for asking for a consensus in the BBI process.

“The buck stops with Raila Odinga can trash what the catholic bishops are saying because he knows nothing about the church. He can refuse to hear the church and what the Bishops are saying. But the buck stops with President Uhuru Kenyatta” said Ichungwa.

On Friday, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga maintained that the door is shut to make further amendments to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

Addressing the press at his Capitol Hill office, Raila said people are free to have their opinion on the document but the final say will be made by the majority at the ballot.

“People have had an opportunity to talk about those issues, two years now. The clergy themselves had an opportunity to express their views,” Raila said.

He made the remarks in response to the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops who have opposed powers of the president to appoint prime minister and deputies, claiming the document was creating an imperial president.

Odinga on Bishops
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has maintained that the door is shut to make further amendments. Image/Courtesy

Raila spoke after meeting political leaders from the Coast, who are pushing to address historical land injustices and management of the blue economy.

The ODM leader said the issues raised by the leaders from the region would be captured in the final document as they had been presented to the BBI task force during collection of views.

“We are not going to bring in substantive new issues in the BBI report. These are basically editorial issues which are being captured. There are certain issues which probably had been mentioned but were not captured, they are being added. That’s what we mean by editorial works,” Raila said.

On Thursday Catholic bishops questioned key proposals of the BBI report and the rationale for rushing to a referendum against the backdrop of a bad economy occasioned by the effects of Covid-19.

They said with the surge in coronavirus infections, it is not the right time “to carry out fundamental constitutional reforms.”


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