Raila Odinga Supports Calls for Rotational Presidency

Even as the raging debate which began on Saturday during the burial of Musalia Mudavadi’s mother, ODM Raila leader Odinga is backing calls for the country to adopt rotational presidency.

While speaking against ethnic and tribal politics, Odinga supported Uhuru’s calls to back a candidate from outside the Kikuyu Kalenjin equation.

Raila spoke on Monday at his Karen home after he hosted a group of Youths under the ‘Team One Kenya’ led by Maina Njenga.

“We must be differentiated based on ideology, not ethnicity. No one chose to be in the tribe they are in, that was a biological accident,” he said.

Raila called on a much representative government citing the 2013 Jubilee administration which he said did not reflect the face of the nation.

“Understand that each and every Kenyan pays taxes. Taxes are collected in all regions of this country without discrimination,” Raila said.

“Therefore, don’t discriminate. When it comes to making an appointment to position this country. Look at each and every person, as a Kenyan.”

President Kenyatta
President Kenyatta during the burial of Musalia Mudavadi’s mother in Mululu on Saturday. Image/Courtesy

Uhuru on Saturday gave the clearest hint he will not back Ruto for the presidency and may in fact campaign against him, prompting the DP to speak up against him.

Uhuru said the Mt Kenya and the Kalenjin communities have produced the country’s four presidents since Independence and should pave the way other communities.

“Even me, I can stand here and say there are only two Kenyan communities that have led. Maybe it’s time for other tribes to lead. Kenya has many communities,” Uhuru said, getting a standing ovation from sections of the mourners.

On Sunday, Ruto said the next head of state will be elected on their policies and not based on their ethnicity.

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