Reactions as Ruto Resurfaces Riding a Wheelbarrow at His Karen Office

Ruto Deputy President surfaced on Tuesday morning at his Karen office for an empowerment forum with Nairobi youth. 

In a video doing rounds on social media, Ruto is seen being wheeled around in a wheelbarrow as gengetone music blasts on the background. 

Deputy President William Ruto. [Courtesy]
The DP was conspicuously missing during yesterday’s National Conference on Covid-19 at Kenyatta International Conference Center where President Uhuru Kenyatta made a raft of new announcements on lockdown. 

During the empowerment forum, the DP challenged the youth to take up every opportunity that comes their way to make honest living. 

He further said that the youth have unique opportunities to make their dreams come true, and that no one should feel embarrassed by their hustle. 

“Every hustle matters, creating and expanding each opportunity is a chance to make many dreams come true” Ruto said. 

Twitter users were quick to question Ruto’s commitment to Uhuru Kenyatta, with others calling him for openly rebelling against the head of state.

“Interesting times ahead, just a day after he snubbed the COVID 19 national conference, is he officially being the rebel DP” one Twitter user pointed out.

Some users castigated him for promoting ‘Wheelbarronomics’ instead of creating decent jobs and providing a sound environment for youths to engage in startups and businesses.

“2020, a Deputy President charged with the responsibility of creating a conducive environment for businesses and startups to thrive (revising tax regime, incentives etc) is busy ’empowering’ the youth with wheelbarrows and mkokoteni. Our counterparts across the world can’t relate”

Another user quipped: “He’s trapping people in a cycle of poverty. In 8yrs as a DP the man couldn’t bring up any policies or keep his promises to build stadiums, provide free internet,increase employment, all which would have helped people much more than giving out wheelbarrows and mkokotenis”

While the DP was in Kare, President Uhuru Kenyatta was preparing to leave for Paris tomorrow, where he will take billions of shillings in debt for a road project.

President Kenyatta is scheduled to sign a public private partnership (PPP) deal worth Sh180 billion for dualling of the 190-kilometer Rironi-Nakuru-Mau Summit Road.

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