Relief as Equity Bank Refunds Customer’s Money After Fraud Exposure

Two days after The Kenyan Herald exposed Equity Bank over the mysterious disappearance of Sh900,000 from a customer’s account in Kisii, the Bank has reportedly refunded all the lost money.

In a widely shared grievance, the son of the sick widow had detailed how his mother fraudulently lost the money after she was tricked into linking her account to a registered Equitel line.

According to the narration shared by the son with The Kenyan Herald, the mother who had lost her ATM card had gone to the bank seeking a replacement.

It was while at the bank that she was referred to an Equity Agent who would help her register an Equitel line which according to the bank, was more convenient and faster as compared to the card.

At the Agent, the victim reportedly surrendered her personal information and was directed to swift off her phone for 24 hours and open the next day, where she will be given a call by the bank’s agent to finalize on the registration.

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Upon switching her phone on and getting a suspected call from the agent, it was reported that her account was swept clean in less than two hours, something that got the widow distressed.

Efforts to seek answers from the bank and visiting a police station to record a statement on the same proved futile as the bank maintained innocence, distancing the institution from the fraud.

It however took the efforts of The Kenyan Herald platform and Twitter users to escalate the issue, seeking justice for the victim, for the bank to act.

Angry Kenyans took online to question and criticize the institution under a trending hashtag #BoycottEquityBank.

And on Friday, October 2, the son of the victim authoritatively communicated that the Equity Bank, Kisii Branch had fully refunded back all the lost amount.

Taking to his twitter page, the son, on behalf of his ailing mum, thanked all Kenyans and stakeholders for their committed efforts to having the lost money refunded back.

“TAAAAAARIFAAA : EQUITY BANK HAVE FULLY REFUNDED ALL THE MONEY My mum would like to thank all of you for your efforts. I wish I could thank all of you individually, I’m so happy. Thank you @KeEquityBank and the manager Kisii branch for your effort in resolving this issue.” read his tweet.

Speaking to The Kenyan Herald on Friday, the victim’s son who couldn’t hide his joy detailed how the bank, upon interrogating her disabled mum, refunded back the full amount owing to the fact that her mother’s initial intentions were to get her card replaced and not to get an Equitel line.

“The bank called me my mum for cross-examination today. They asked her question on the circumstances under which the money was siphoned and decided to refund her based on the precinct that she did not go there to get an Equitel line, she went to get an atm. Something around that.
The bank did not issue us with an official statement” stated the victim’s son.

The son added that the refund was as a result of the fact that her mother, who is disabled, didn’t take part in filling the forms personally during the registration of her doomed Equitel line.

Kenyans couldn’t hide their joy as they took online to express their sigh of relief as well as congratulating the bank for acting swiftly. Here are some reactions;



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