Aisha Jumwa fails to take plea

Report Mix-up as Aisha Jumwa Fails to Take Plea

Malindi Mp Aisha Jumwa together with her aide Geoffrey Otieno on Thursday morning failed to take plea after a mix up lead to a missing medical report for Jumwa’s aide Mr. Otieno.

The report mix-up delayed the process, forcing the duo to be locked up in a different courtroom as the judge dealt with other matters.

The prosecutors were forced to rush back to their office to pick the document, even as the High Court Justice Njoki Mwangi briefly deferred the plea taking.

Justice Njoki Mwangi questioned the validity of Ms Jumwa’s medical report, bearing the signature of Mombasa based psychiatric responsible conducting the mental assessments.

The prosecutors were forced to explain to the court that the psychiatrist who signs the reports had since retired and that the procedure was done by his colleague who is currently in charge.

The judge declined the prosecutors’ prayer to proceed with plea taking pending the production of the correct report noting that the mental assessment report must be availed in court before the two are charged.

However, Defence lawyers for Jumwa and Otieno led by Jared Magolo, Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta claimed that the prosecution were playing games and demanded that the document be produced.

The duo has been locked up at Port police station since Monday this week and the mix-up might delay their release.

The two will be charged with the killing of Ms Jola Ngumbao, an ODM supporter who was shot dead in October last year during campaigns for the Ganda Ward by-election.


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