Resign if You are Not Happy, Governor Mutua Dares DP Ruto

Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader Dr. Afred Mutua has dared Deputy President William Ruto to resign from his position if he is not satisfied with the Jubilee government.

Speaking on Friday, Dr. Mutua, who has since publicly declared his interests to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022, wondered why the DP was currently so passionate about attacking the Jubilee government when he is still part of it.


Mutua opined it was wrong for Ruto to complain about a government that he, together with Uhuru were voted in to form. He urged the second in command to resign and instead criticize Jubilee from outside instead of sticking in.

“Mimi napigwa na mazingaombwe, nachanganyikiwa napigwa na mstuko wakati naskia Mheshimiwa Deputy President William Ruto akinung’unika kuhusu serikali na ni yeye ako ndani, (I get amazed when I hear DP Ruto complain about the government when he is actually part of it)” remarked Mutua.

“Kenyans are getting confused about what is happening, you are in the government yet you are crying…if you don’t feel part of the government, then shift out, let the government organize itself” he added.


At the same time, Mutua insisted on the need for Kenya to resolve unemployment and corruption issues. He termed the two issues as major problems faced by most Kenyans saying his meet-the-people tours across Eastern and Mt. Kenya regions had proved the same.

“What Kenyans haven’t understood is that lack of employment is caused by corruption. Corruption has led to the crumbling of our economy, closure of industries, lack of employment as well as low circulation of money,” he stated.

Mutua, who recently concluded his two-day visits to Embu and Nyeri counties in central Kenya said Kenyans were tired of the same and were ready to embrace new leadership skills that will transform the country in 2022.

He said his government if elected, will concentrate more on ensuring those involved in corruption cases are apprehended and their cases take less than six months to be determined.

“If given the opportunity, my government will make fighting corruption the first priority. I will allocate enough money to Judiciary as one way of ensuring all graft cases are completed. I will also ensure that the cases are determined in less than six months to give room for sentencing and acquittance,” he said

Mutua also suggested a life sentence without parole for all judicial officers who will be found guilty of getting involved in any kind of corruption deals.

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