Rising Waters of Lake Baringo Submerges Nakuru-Segor Highway as Residents Raise a Redflag


The rising waters of Lake Baringo has to the Northern part of the County and submerged a section of Nakuru-Segor Highway.

According to images viewed by the Kenyan Herald, the floods are now threatening Loruk area of Baringo North where a number of schools, homesteads, churches and other structures have been affected.

In September, the Herald authoritatively reported how the rising waters of Lakes Baringo and Bogoria were on the verge on merging, and in the process destroying property running into billions of shillings.

At the time, geologists and environmental experts had warned that the two lakes are only 5 kilometres away from merging.

In August 31, a giant sinkhole appeared in the area near Lake Baringo leaving residents panicked and fearing for the worst.

Giant sinkhole in Ilchamus, Baringo County. Image Courtesy

Around the same time, the famous Kokwo Island developed a huge crack

The area residents at the time feared that the areas around Lakes Baringo and Bogoria were showing signs of it splitting apart.

Kokwo Island is developing a huge crack
Kokwo Island developed a huge crack. Image/Courtesy

The geological phenomenon have given residents sleepless nights with many requesting government to send scientists to unravel the mysteries.


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