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Royal Mabati Customers Get their Refunds After Kenyan Herald Expose

The Kenyan Herald’s bold move to expose Royal Mabati for exploiting their customers has paid dividends. A number of customers who did business with the company have a reason to smile after their issues were promptly resolved following our expose.

Here is his story;

“They (Royal Mabati) confirmed my ordered items were in stock and would be delivered in 3 days, they asked for payment upfront! Shock on me a month later no delivery and no response. I had to drive to their Mlolongo Factory offices.

This means spending time and money I had to change the order to another item which meant they needed to refund me. They strangely force you to sign this refund form meaning you’re forced to accept their terms of refund which is (60) days!

Think about it: I paid cash upfront but refund is after (60) days; they used my funds to finance their working capital for a free period of (60) days.


As speak, I think they have seen my story and now they trying to call me but because I am abroad they cannot reach me, so they have texted that my refund is ready! However they are not following the instructions in the form; my funds were to be refunded by MPesa.

Why disturb me and my mom calling telling us the refund is ready. When all they need to do is send the refund to my MPesa line!!”

Here at Kenyan Herald, we urge you to come forward as we keep them honest.

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