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Royal Mabati Factory on Spot as Customers Cry Foul Over Failed Paid Deliveries (Part 1)

Royal Mabati Factory is on the spot for taking customers in circles after failing to make deliveries after they had purchased.

Concerns from customers came into the limelight after many disappointed members of the public wrote to the Kenyan Herald asking for their issues to be highlighted.

Disappointed clients, who wrote to The Kenyan Herald editorial desk expressing disappointment over Royal Mabati Mills’ failure to deliver goods they had purchased, say that they promise to deliver within 48 hours but many end up taking even months.

According to the customers, some who have waited for up to 6 months, they have incurred losses as many say their almost complete houses are at risk of rotting- due to heavy rains.

The outright lies and tone deaf attitude from Royal Mabati is told in the suffering of clientsc such as Joseph, Michael and Faith (not their real names) who paid up for goods from them and are yet to get any deliveries.

“I made my order of box profile Mabati at their Kisumu branch on 1st August, they took me round and frequent follow ups for them to deliver on 18th that month and with some of the items I ordered too missing, my case the ridges, another round of follow up came because they didn’t deliver arguing materials are aren’t available and that they are coming from outside the country.” said Joseph.

Joseph is accusing them of poor customer service and lies on delivery dates and materials availability, something he says happen the moment you pay upfront.

Joseph says he was short-changed after receiving few items than he had paid for with the company using their 60 day refund policy to frustrate customers.

“When I finally went there to pick them by myself, the given ridges weren’t complete and they had to cut some Mabati to resemble the ridges. To make the number complete, instead of 24 ridges, they gave me 21 ridges and the other 3 were improvised,, I sought cash refund but they said they can’t, and that if have to claim, it will take 60 days for it so I had no choice but to pick what I was given and leave in peace”

Michael’s case is no different from Joseph’s and his demand for the goods he had ordered for to be delivered fell on deaf ears until he threatened to expose their lies and games on the Kenyan Herald social media page.

“I bought Mabati with Royal Mabati Factory along Mombasa Road and they promised to deliver within 14 days, but that has never been the case. From 31/08/2020, I have been in and out of their offices where I met many others complaining only to be met by rude sales ladies who boast that they have got lawyers and are well connected..” another disappointed customer wrote to us.

Finally, Michael got his items after he decided to take matters into his hands, and even then he was forced to arrange for his own transport yet their advertisements say they offer free delivery across the country.

Another client by the name Faith had this to say: “I made a purchase on 3rd August. I have complained until now if you call they either don’t pick or they pick then hang up. It’s so frustrating. I even had to fill the refund form but it takes 90 days for them to give you back your money. So I decided to let them deliver after they convinced me to wait for one more week….it’s now 3 weeks later. It’s sad am almost giving up. I paid for charcoal grey gauge 30, 48 pieces. When I called on Monday to inquire, a lady by the name Edith told me they have gauge 28 and if I want gauge 30 I should some more cash. Was pissed I just hang up”

An insider who works in one of their branches told Kenyan Herald in confidence that the company may be facing a tough financial crisis making it impossible to deliver on their promises.

The company’s troubles began when CEO Moses Ikinya Kang’arua was taken to court by KRA in 2019 for tax evasion charges, and it is believed that the company arrived at a settlement where the CEO would pay the taxes owed to the taxman in installments.

The insider who spoke to us says that it is a case of taking from Peter to pay Paul (KRA) and hence the backlog of orders from clients hitting the roof.

“That is the reason clients are taken in circles because the company cannot afford to deliver promptly to customers as agreed.” the insider told us.

Our efforts to reach Royal Mabati Factory for comment on the matter yielded no fruits after Operations manager at Royal Mabati Factory one Assa Alukwe called to intimidate the editorial team for highlighting the matter on social media.

By the time of going to press they had not responded to our texts.

Here are a sample of complaints from customers on Twitter and Facebook we received…

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