Royal Mabati Factory Part 2: Rogue Dealer Cuts Iron Sheet to Resemble the Ridges After Failure to Deliver Required Quantity

Even as cases of rogue dealings from Royal Mabati Factory continue to pop up, Kenyan Herald can now authoritatively point to cases where sales reps manipulate invoices and fail to deliver as agreed with clients.

A client going by the name Lilian Samson told the Herald of how the company failed to keep their end of the bargain.

She says that there were many items missing with some ridges being made from iron sheets with the excuse given being that materials are currently unavailable in the market.

Here is her story as captured;

“I can see you have highlighted the issue Royal Mabati . I have a worse experience with them too. I made my order of box profile Mabati at their Kisumu branch on 1st August , they took me round and frequent follow ups for them to deliver on 18th that month and with some of the items I ordered too missing, my case the ridges.

Another round of follow up came because they didn’t deliver arguing materials are aren’t available and that they are coming from outside the country. My patience ran out after being on call and at times calls, messages bot answered by their office, 2 ladies by names Edith and Maggie (customer service Kisumu branch) became wild and even at one Rudy answered me that my ridges bado  azijafika na kama nazitaka sana I go pick them by myself and of different colours that were available.

In short once famous brand has poor customer service and lie a lot to their customers on delivery dates and materials availability.

Mind you when I finally went there to pick them by myself, the given ridges weren’t complete and they had to cut some Mabati to resemble the ridges. To make the number complete, instead of 24 ridges, they gave me 21 ridges and the other 3 were improvised.

I sought cash refund but they said they can’t, and that if have to claim, it will take 60 days for it to mature so I had no choice but to pick what I was given and leave in peace.


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