Manchester United

Russian Hackers Demand Millions from Manchester United as They Threaten to Leak Private Data

Manchester United are currently in the middle of a worrying cyber-attack that has threatened to blow over.

The club are being held to ransom for millions of pounds by cyber criminals who have crippled the club’s systems.

United have brought in a team of technical experts to contain the potentially disastrous attack that was launched more than a week ago.

However, despite bringing in extra help, the hackers still have the upper hand.

United’s network has been infected by a computer virus called ransomware.

It is unknown how much the hackers want but, according to the Daily Mail, United are expected to pay them millions to resolve the issue.

United have been told by experts that the only way to proceed is to pay the hackers and prevent them from leaking any sensitive data.

United posted a statement on Thursday night, which read: “Following the recent cyber-attack on the club, our IT team and external experts secured our networks and have conducted forensic investigations.

“This attack was by nature disruptive, but we are not currently aware of any fan data being compromised.

“Critical systems required for matches to take place at Old Trafford remained secure and games have gone ahead as normal.

“The club will not be commenting on speculation regarding who may have been responsible for this attack or the motives behind it.”

Let’s hope United can beat the hackers without any important data being released to the public.

On the field, United will want to build on from their Champions League win against Istanbul Basaksehir at Old Trafford as they travel to inform Southampton on Sunday.



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